First Game This Weekend

Finally got around to GMing my first session of the Conan 2d20 role playing system over the weekend. My group was mixed of experienced and new gamers. We played the Pit of Kotallu scenario. Was a great introduction to the system. Re-reading the rules after the session highlighted a couple of minor errors I’d made but nothing too game changing.

  1. Didn’t correctly give a player the combat advantage/cover you get from a shield
  2. Allowed players to spend momentum for parry reaction instead of only adding doom
  3. Didn’t realise until after the momentum spend for extra damage grants +1 and not as I did +1 combat dice.
    Not too bad for my first game and we ended up with a great story.
    I’m liking the momentum/doom mechanic, and it didn’t take long for the players to get used to using the momentum pool. It was also another great chance to use my painted miniatures from the monolith game as well. Overall, really liked it and was more intuative to run than I’d first thought.

All of those are things I experienced when I first ran the game as well. I agree completely that the Pit of Kotallu was an ideal introduction adventure for anyone who wants to try the game. I actually bought it (after it was no longer free) and used it as a springboard for my own campaign and my players are excited to eventually run into some of the pcs and npcs that survived.

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