Question about Skirmish zones

Nowadays I play almost exclusively on roll20. I miss in-person, but its not that feasible ATM, especially with my preferred group.

I bought Dune on roll20, so GTG there.

Historically, I have mostly played d20 games, so I have a lot of maps/pages from previous games that are set up for gridded play. With roll20’s handy transmogrifer, and I can pull those over into a Dune game and they are basically ready to go…

Except that Dune’s skirmish rules use abstract zones and not grid squares. I like having battle maps. I think the visual stimulus helps frame the scene and they just look cool. Regardless, I don’t want to bother with either a) drawing out zones onto the gridded battle maps, or b) drawing zones onto a blank canvas or over the top of pictures, etc. Now, I do have some Conan maps that are set up as zoned, so I could use those. I could also get the Starfleet tileset and use that. But, that still limits my map options compared to all the possibilities that I already have set up.

So, I’m thinking about using a house rule where a character’s Move skill value represents how many squares they can move with a single Move an asset action. And otherwise, run the system as is. So, for example, a character with Move 6, who uses the Move an asset action, would move their character 6 squares on a gridded map. If that character spent Momentum to move again, that character could move up to another 6 squares. If that character moved Boldly and succeeded, they could move another asset 6 gridded squares. I anticipate some additional minor adjustments would be required.

I haven’t had a chance to actually run/play the game yet, so I’m wondering if anyone that has, would anticipate any major issues with playing skirmish this way.

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