When to use a Skirmish

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@Andy-Modiphius has mentioned a couple of times about using Skirmish rather than Dueling rules.

Can you use Skirmish for a conflict between 2 individuals?

Definitely. The main difference between them is the number and type of zones.
In duelling the zones are the people themselves and their guard zones.
In skirmish the zones are larger (an alleyway, room, etc) and the characters are pieces within the zone.

You lose some detail by moving up the scale, but you can make the duel more fluid by having the characters exploit different traits in the zones as they move about them.

Fundamentally it comes down to your personal preference as to if you want the camera ‘zoomed in’ on the characters or ‘zoomed out’ to show the surroundings as well.

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Yup, very much so.

Thanks for that :slightly_smiling_face: