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STA on Fantasy Grounds


I love this game, and I am very annoyed that the only real way to play it is on Roll20. I’m not a fan. I do love and use Fantasy grounds quite a bit. I did find a decent Extension to install to run STA, but I found it to be lacking in a few areas. I decided to build my own. I am not a professional coder, but I do have some basic experience and am learning as I go. Because of that, this will be a slow process.

My questions are, is this something of interest to people. If so, do you have any suggestions on what to include? Also, are there any coders out there that would be interested in helping me?

I initially started to build it on top of the other extension, but I ended up finding a better extension for Conan that someone else did that I am using as the base, as it has more of the features coded.

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I presume you mean this extension by Valarian:

I haven’t tested it myself, but I would definitely be interested in a complete extension


Yeah, that’s the one I been using. I took his Modiphius 2d20 ruleset and I am merging that extension into it to make it a complete ruleset. I have also been severely updating the look of it. Most work has been going into the NPC and Ship sheets, as I found those to be pretty severely lacking.

After I get everything looking correct, my next step after that will be to look into the code and try to automate what I can.

I am also trying to talk to someone at Modiphius to get input. As I told them, I’m not looking to get paid to do this, but I would like to make something they would approve of. Once I’m done, I was also going to start converting their books into modules. Obviously, I will not be distributing these, since it is not my property to distribute. I am doing it for me, but I would be willing to give it to them to distribute as they see fit.

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FG support was hinted at a long time ago, but nothing ever came of it. I paid good money for my Ultimate licence and would love to try and use it again.

I would be super interested in this if it came about. Something that I’d be willing to throw $$ at as well! :slight_smile:

It is a bit slow going, but I am still working on it. I’m kind of a novice when it comes to coding. I know Python a little, but not LUA, so I am doing a lot of trial and error. I will try to keep people posted as I go.

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So, as of now, I am putting the finishing touches on the code. I predict I am about a week away from having phase 2 completed. At that point, I am going to be looking for people to beta test it and help me refine it. The third and final phase will be to do a complete graphical overhaul to make it all fit more into the theme of Star Trek, which it does not now. I have also been in touch with Panny from Modiphius about this, and I am waiting to hear back from the RPG team to get their feedback. I’m hoping to get that before I release it, but they have other things that are probably taking precedence over some schmuck doing some coding.

Anyways, if you would like to be a part of the Beta test, let me know, and keep an eye out here. I will be posting a link to the file once I get to that point. In the meantime, here is a link to some images I have taken of the layouts so far. I have made some minor adjustments since I took these, and I am at a total loss on what to do with the inventory sheet, as inventory works very differently in STA than other games I’m used to. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Hello again,

For those that are interested, aside from the inventory tab, phase 2 is now complete and uploaded to the Google Drive link I shared in the last comment. I would really appreciate if people would use it and give me honest feedback. Anything you can do to help me improve it, that would be great. If you need help on how to install or use the ruleset, let me know, and I will make a quick video tutorial.

Thank you for any help you could give me.


Just had a look at the screenshots right now. Looks good. I’ll play around with it later this week / over the weekend and will come back with feedback.

New updates to the ruleset. All graphics I want to change have been changed. I need to work on some alignment issues that have since popped up, but as far as I am concerned, this ruleset is ready for use.

Besides the alignment of cells and icons, if there are any bugs, or if any window frames have not been updated, please let me know so I can get them fixed.

My personal PC has been broken, and I have been using my work PC to finish this. Because of that, I do not have access to upload to Google Drive, but I can upload to OneDrive, so new link below.!AiKYVx-NhM80hONLLCWYK1Mm3LNwPA?e=XihIbI


To anyone who hasn’t checked this out: Statik367 has done a bangup job. Really like the look and feel of it.

Thanks, Statik367!


Very nice @statik367.

Really is a shame we cant get an official ruleset and modules for this. I will have to slowly scrape my books into individual modules.

I have been talking to some people at Modiphius about making this an official ruleset. I am also starting to convert the books myself. Obviously I can give those out, but I also offered to give them the modules once I am done. I was talking with someone for a bit when I started, but as of late, I have yet to hear any input back. I would love for this to become official, and I have offered my services for free, hoping that would entice them. Who knows, maybe they will eventually get back to me one way or another.


Hay all,

I just created a Discord server. If anyone would like to join, I will be giving updates, and it will be a good place to send me feedback.

To be clear, I will still be updating the ruleset here, but I am trying to organize thing a little better. Feel free to join.

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Just joined the discord group - I’m curious to get a game under my belt. Have yet to have a chance to play a game if STA and desperate to do so.

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This is going to be awesome when it lands…

It has officially been a year since the last update. Any news? Any hope? Do I just give up on ever being able to play on FG?

We’re down to some cleanup on the corerulebook and working on a TNG skin for it. We typically post on Facebook so thats probably why it seems like STA for FG fell into a black hole. After we’re done, its approvals time.

Meanwhile, we watch our forums at (and facebook) pretty much daily.

You can watch some STA play (using the table with a TOS skin) here:


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the Star Trek Adventures rule set should be hitting beta testing in the next week or two

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From the Dev website: “We just met on this, we will be making a public announcement soon.”