STA is an Awesome Experience

Hi all, new to the game currently running a TOS campaign and just run my first scenario. Sorry to sound like a fanboy but this game is just a pleasure to run and play. I wanted to thank Modiphius for all the work putting together such an outstanding product. Its now my 36th year of roleplaying and its really great to encounter a completely orginal ruleset thats fun. The books look beautful, feel great to handle and the rules are a dream to run. The player community is also really impressive very encouraing to be able to play with such a strong group in the background. I hope this game has very many years to run. Well done.

I did have one question, looking at what to play once the campaign finishes. The Klingon core book looks like an option and a nice change of pace. Can anyone direct me to any available scenarios that can be used for the rule set? Not seeing too much specifcally available. Are people just running with some of the TNG stuff for the starfleet PCs?


Welcome aboard! It is just a great game.
Regarding your question: The Shackleton Campaign Guide offers many Klingon perspectives. The book might be focused more on Starfleet personal, but especially for the adventures there is advice for playing as Klingons.
A huge space station build by Starfleet and the Klingons, so the Klingons are build right into the setting. Maybe you would like to check that out. It is a awesome book!

Welcome, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the game!

I’ve been running the game in a very episodic fashion. Most game sessions are their own specific adventure, though recurring characters, planets, and villains show up. I don’t have any real sort of endgame currently, though I’ll probably start adding in the new Shackleton campaign along with the blank canvas I’ve already set up.

The Klingon rules do intrigue me, specifically to see how Klingon missions would be made compared to Starfleet’s. Almost certainly more related to combat and even conquest, though I’ve always wondered how much conquest the Klingon Empire really got into once they became allied with the Federation and weren’t portrayed as full-on villains.

I’d need to justify getting what is a very similar book to what I already have, but perhaps someday.

There’s a short adventure in the Klingon core book, and another one in the free Klingon quickstart. A standalone Klingon adventure titled “The Sleeping Beast” is included in the Klingon gamemaster toolkit. I have a couple Klingon themed standalone adventures in development now that will release as PDFs.

And as noted above, you can take the contents of the Shackleton Expanse Campaign Guide and run it entirely from the Klingon perspective.

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I collect STA books (and I’ve designed more than a little fanmade stuff for STA) but I haven’t had the opportunity to actually play STA yet.

That said, I’m a fan of Dominion War-related stuff for STA and I really like the adventure Jim mentioned in the Klingon quickstart (“The Tip of the Bat’leth”) which details a Klingon commando team having to take out a tachyon emitter on a Dominion-held moon to allow a cloaked Klingon fleet to go on the offensive.

For more STA Klingon stuff, you might check out what Continuing Mission has here. That page I just linked to is just a start. Feel free to look around the rest of Continuing Mission’s website for anything further related to the Klingons. I have some Klingon starship sheets you can download here. I have a few fanmade write-ups of three FASA Klingon starships here (D-10 Riskadh), (D-18 Gull), (L-24 Ever-Victorious) that you can also download. These are TOS Movie era ships, but their write-ups include TNG/Dominion War-era variants if you need modern versions of them.

Hope you find these useful, Sh@gger. (Ugh, stupid language filter is why I had to spell your name with an “@” instead of an “a”…)