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Hi, folks! I have asked around a few other forums around the internet, but gotten precious few responses. I am looking for a module - not a newbie module, not a dump of dozens of modules, I need a personalized recommendation of a GREAT module that you have played and loved. Preferably TOS era (or reasonably generic or easily adaptable). Preferably something that exists in hardcopy with nice physical aids like maps and pictures. It can be something from FASA or GURPS or 2d20 or anything (I will have no problem adapting it). Look forward to your responses!

There’s a thread on RPG.net where the original poster is reviewing the living campaign adventures and the adventures in the mission compendium books. Maybe one of the reviews there will spark your interest. Most of the standalones on DTRPG also have reviews, so check there. Good luck!

If you can find the old SFB Module T with the Prime Directive adventure in it, it’s an excellent TOS-era adventure.

My favorite STA adventure is Doomed to Repeat the Past… a TNG era sequel to an Ent episode.

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“A Doomsday Like Any Other” from back in the FASA days was great fun for my crew back then.

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The Vanished. I loved it so much I did a homebrew adaptation to STA.

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I would love to see that.

Let me compile my post-its stuck throughout the module into something cohesive for a sane person to look at and I will post it. I’ve run it a half dozen times - the Iglii handled differently each time.

I really appreciate the replies, especially those who recommended The Vanished and A Doomsday Like Any Other. These two adventures were named by multiple people on multiple sites (unless it is the same two people!), and I will definitely keep those in mind for the future.

This time around, I ended up running Hard Rock Catastrophe (Mophidius) with “The Slaver Ruins” (from Star Trek: Adventure Gaming in the Final Frontier) added in. Thanks to those who recommended these, as well. Great fun!

I’m rather fond of FASA’s The Dixie Gambit - but it’s very locked into their more military/espionage flavoured version of the setting.

I’ve actually had pretty good success at taking Star Trek Online missions and converting them to STA episodes. I have to remove most of the fighting as STO is a MMO and combat based, but by adding in Extended Tasks and other things with one or two combats overall, my players have a great time. And I take a lot of screenshots on STO as visual aids

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