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Seeking to put together an online group

I’d love to play STA online in an ongoing dedicated campaign with dedicated players that are reliable over Fantasy Grounds or Roll20 with Discord for voice chat. I’d rather play than GM but will GM if necessary.

Is there any interest out there?

I recently found a game on Roll20 that just started (first session was last Thursday -I found it Friday). So, not so sure how dedicated everyone will be, but I should have a somewhat better measure tomorrow when I get to play for the first time there. With that said, if there is an opening I can see if the GM is open for another player.

I know I’ve been looking for a few weeks and was thrilled to find the one I did, so really hoping it plays out well. If not, consider me interested so long as the play-time is good.

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Hey daddystabz,

What time zone are you in and how opposed are you to GMing? Looks like the GM of our game may have backed out. So, I may have at least part of a crew I can assemble if timing tracks.

We were originally scheduled to meet tonight at 8pm EST.

And, if it would be helpful, I can help a little with backstory/logistics of GMing. I originally started a game where I was GM, but right now my schedule is just too hectic and I don’t feel I can devote enough time to properly running a game and creating a compelling story.

I am in the U.S. Eastern time zone. I think I could possibly throw together a game campaign.

How many do you have, including you? What day/time do you all wish to meet?

Have you decided upon an era of play and ship class?

So, after my last reply I started to build out something based around the Living Campaign.

And, I decided if I use that as a starting point, I can get the pieces in place and commit to GMing myself. If you haven’t played through the Living Campaign, then you’d be welcome as one of the characters.

My idea was to slightly adjust -namely, give the station a Defiant-like vessel. As in, a full-time, station-controlled ship. But, it’s a Nova-Class vessel designed for research (I always enjoyed less fighting, more exploring). From there, I’m working to interject more station-centric missions around the existing Living Campaign missions. That way, I have a chunk of adventures already written out, and the main setting as well.

Right now, I have two people from a previous game I GMed in person who say they are down to join and two people from the game I mentioned above (where the GM dropped). Time, however, is up in the air.

I figure easiest way to iron out details is to get everyone in one place, so if this at all sounds like it might work for you, let me know. I’m not sure about sharing links directly here or if we can DM on these forums. But, I’ll get you discord link one way or the other if you’re interested.

You may share links on the forum, as long as they don’t go somewhere that violates our rules. We unfortunately don’t have a DM system at the moment.

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Hi, did this ever turn into a game? I would be interested in trying STA and playing in a campaign.

I’m seeking a campaign as well.

I’m also in the market for a game.