Seeking to put together an online group

I’d love to play STA online in an ongoing dedicated campaign with dedicated players that are reliable over Fantasy Grounds or Roll20 with Discord for voice chat. I’d rather play than GM but will GM if necessary.

Is there any interest out there?

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I recently found a game on Roll20 that just started (first session was last Thursday -I found it Friday). So, not so sure how dedicated everyone will be, but I should have a somewhat better measure tomorrow when I get to play for the first time there. With that said, if there is an opening I can see if the GM is open for another player.

I know I’ve been looking for a few weeks and was thrilled to find the one I did, so really hoping it plays out well. If not, consider me interested so long as the play-time is good.

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Hey daddystabz,

What time zone are you in and how opposed are you to GMing? Looks like the GM of our game may have backed out. So, I may have at least part of a crew I can assemble if timing tracks.

We were originally scheduled to meet tonight at 8pm EST.

And, if it would be helpful, I can help a little with backstory/logistics of GMing. I originally started a game where I was GM, but right now my schedule is just too hectic and I don’t feel I can devote enough time to properly running a game and creating a compelling story.

I am in the U.S. Eastern time zone. I think I could possibly throw together a game campaign.

How many do you have, including you? What day/time do you all wish to meet?

Have you decided upon an era of play and ship class?

So, after my last reply I started to build out something based around the Living Campaign.

And, I decided if I use that as a starting point, I can get the pieces in place and commit to GMing myself. If you haven’t played through the Living Campaign, then you’d be welcome as one of the characters.

My idea was to slightly adjust -namely, give the station a Defiant-like vessel. As in, a full-time, station-controlled ship. But, it’s a Nova-Class vessel designed for research (I always enjoyed less fighting, more exploring). From there, I’m working to interject more station-centric missions around the existing Living Campaign missions. That way, I have a chunk of adventures already written out, and the main setting as well.

Right now, I have two people from a previous game I GMed in person who say they are down to join and two people from the game I mentioned above (where the GM dropped). Time, however, is up in the air.

I figure easiest way to iron out details is to get everyone in one place, so if this at all sounds like it might work for you, let me know. I’m not sure about sharing links directly here or if we can DM on these forums. But, I’ll get you discord link one way or the other if you’re interested.

You may share links on the forum, as long as they don’t go somewhere that violates our rules. We unfortunately don’t have a DM system at the moment.

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Hi, did this ever turn into a game? I would be interested in trying STA and playing in a campaign.

I’m seeking a campaign as well.

I’m also in the market for a game.

I did end up getting a game started. We are having our second session this week, but I’m afraid it filled up fast.

If things change, I’ll make sure to let people know here.

I have a game starting on roll20 soon if anyone is interest! UK based and set end of TNG era. Drop a reply or a message if youre interested. UK based so GMT zone but open to anyone!

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I’d be interested in knowing more, although my schedule is pretty tight for the next few weeks. Can’t ignore a UK based game though!

So we are starting out with a fresh crew. It’ll be over discord and roll20 for the rolls. Similar theme to ‘Shield of Tomorrow’ on YouTube and Ive already got 4 players but Id like a few more! Drop me a message if youre interested. Game dates are flexible to suit everyone but generally in the evening.

It might be interesting to see from a player pov… How often are you planning on playing?

We are playing tomorrow at 6:30 GMT and I’ll be streaming it on twitch! My channel is biologistcapa if you’d like to watch. It’s my first time streaming anything but I thought this game needs more interactive videos and streams as it’s such a great platform. Happy to have you if you want to play/watch/GM shadow etc :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I’m already playing another game at that time sorry! And I get self-conscious when there are spectators!

Greetings and Salutations.
Looking to gage an interest in an online game that I would be running, here is the pitch:
The Nova Class Federation starship USS Far Horizon Nova Class starship is recruiting officers.
Would like two character pitches from each interested player in order to build a cohesive and diverse crew. Unfortunately not everyone can be the captain :stuck_out_tongue:
The Missions (episodes) are mainly going to be EXPLORATION & SCIENTIFIC MISSIONS.
Era of play : Next Generation.
Looking for 5 players that are interested in trying to tell a story that fits the Star Trek philosophy.
Aiming to play at least once a month at first and then if the crew works well together (created a great play group), I would be open to run it twice a month.
Will probably run individual game sessions to get to know the characters.

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What day and time are you thinking of?

Highly interested, Paxsupremus!

  • Extremely eager to join a crew on exploration and scientific missions.
  • Currently located in (UTC -4 hours) U.S. Eastern Time Zone.
  • Very interested in 2364 – 2395 gameplay
  • Able to commit to once or twice per month play
  • New to STA and ttrpg play in general, not new to Star Trek tv or movies
  • Learned about STA when I posted online at seeking recommendations about a good fit for me (you can see more about what I was looking to get out of a game in that post).
  • Eager to play a character seeking assignment aboard a Nova Class (or similar scientific and survey operations) Federation starship [and I’m willing to play as character’s “young,” “experienced,” or “veteran” science (or other) officer in Ensign, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Lieutenant Commander, or possibly even Commander phase of career (as desired by GM)].

Character pitch:

In the blink of an eye-segment, aClave’s life was preternaturally altered.

As aClave followed his parent out of the embassy in Pozaron, he immediately recognized the gray tentacles that were so unmistakably characteristic of their species through the window at the conn of the shuttle, he could tell his father did too.

“Get us out of here!” his father bellowed at the Thymerae pilot. “These Mizarians and their incessant, nauseating, vacuous yammering about ‘bright future this,’ ‘meditation that,’ and ‘hopeful future of peace.’ Disgusting! Hope is an illusion. Shovel their optimism into one digit cluster. Excrete into another, and see which fills first.” Eighty-eight light years from the Sol system, in the Alpha Quadrant, Ten-year-old aClave agreed with, but tuned out his parents’ litany of ills. aClave had his own grievances in which to decadently wallow.

The Thymerae family commiseration was abruptly interrupted by a bright flash outside the shuttle cockpit just after they’d lifted off the surface of Mizar II. Without warning a violent shockwave thrashed the shuttle, rear first, deep into the Mizarian pavement.

After losing consciousness for an unknown period of time, the pilot slowly blinked his segmented upper eyes open. Gradually, a bald female with pale white shin and purple mottled splotches came into focus as she tried to treat his wounds. Even in his groggy state, he was positive he did not recognize her distinctive markings, and his universal translator was no help making sense of her frantic exclamations.
The strange bipedal humanoid-looking alien tried to tend to each member of the family after wrapping several of the pilot’s tentacles together that were nearly severed.

The Thymerae family were not as fortunate as the pilot. None of the three other on board showed any signs of life. The adults weren’t even identifiable as Thymerae, crushed in a mangled twist of shuttle and planetary surface. The boy’s body was still intact but no breath gasps were visible from his lobes. His body, motionless. The pilot screamed in horror at what his witnessed next, and slithered out of the cockpit and away from the shuttle… leaving the pale and violet stranger alone with the reanimated corpse of the boy, or, at least what used to be that boy.

The stranger (that the Thymerae civiliam shuttle pilot did not recognize) was a Kobali named M’Nahl-- who, while trying to escape her new Kobali “family,” had taken refuge in an abandoned Iconian Starship. Her appearance had inadvertently damaged the shuttle.

The Kobali are a humanoid species (two arms, two legs, a head, two eyes, etc.) native to the Delta Quadrant. Kobali have six-lobed brains which give them natural abilities in fields such as physics, mathematics, and wave phenomena. Their most distinctive characteristic, however, is their method of reproduction. After series of genetic experiments, Kobali became unable to reproduce using traditional means. They now add to their population using a genetic virus to reanimate deceased members of other species, rewriting the body’s genetic code and converting it to Kobali. This process typically results in complete memory loss of the individual’s former life. However, sometimes the reborn experience what the Kobali refer to as the kyn’steya, remembering their previous lives and having trouble accepting their new identities as Kobali. M’Nahl had been a Talaxian, and after an irresistibly strong kyn’steya surge, fled from her Kobali family group. The Kobali pursued her, so she attempted to throw them off her course by hiding inside the abandoned Iconian Starship she discovered as she fled. Retaining some memories and skills from her time as a Talaxian scavenger combined with new skills taught to her by her new nomadic Kobali family, she was able to muster enough power to activate the starship’s portal for one, one-way trip to the Alpha quadrant before the Iconian ship (and its portal suffer irreparable failure).

M’Nahl’s use of the portal and unexpected materializarion into the Alpha quadrent disrupted the take-off of aClave’s shuttlecraft on Mizar II.

aClave is the character I’d love to play, but he does not remember having that name. Now he is Xcid Dzhymar (pronounced Skid Jamar). Sometimes the instinctive traits of the Thymerae bubble up from deep within him. The Thymerae were members of the Federation distinctive for their segmented eyes and tentacles that group in four clusters. They were also known for being pessimistic in demeanor, always looking for the bad in good situations. The species was introduced in the form of the character aMershik in the Titan novel Sword of Damocles. (aMershik was created by the author as a counterpoint and polar opposite to a Deltan character in the novel.) Thymerae as a species would hold values such as “Optimism without facts is wasted intellect” or “Hope is an illusion.” They would also have beneficial traits like speed of tasks and multi-tasking (due to segmented eyes for fast processing of multiple info streams at once and four clusters of tentacles that could do multiple tasks simultaneously. However, aClave lost these biologically-beneficial traits when he was reconstituted by M’Nahl. The Thymerae boy died, then over the course of a few hours the genetic virus began to change him into something else. Two months later, only his facial tentacle cluster remained. The new Kobali developed humanoid limbs, and the brains of the freshly reanimated Kobali was able to learn new information at a highly accelerated rate and his internal physiology formed a six-lobed brain and a binary cardiovascular system. The virus altered brain quickly absorbed the values of his Mizarian adoptive family.

The child did not have a normal Kobali upbringing. Not only was he separated from every other member of his species, M’Nahl was also injured by the shuttle when it collided with the Iconian portal opening that formed in Pozaron (the third largest city on Mizar II) in the Alpha Quadrant. M’Nahl succumbed to her injuries shortly after introducing the Kobali virus to aClave.

The boy was raised by adoptive Mizarian parents on Mizar II. Though Mizar is an independent system, his parents, knowing the Thymerae were members of the Federation, eventually (but reluctantly) gave their permission for their child to attend Starfleet Academy after nearly a decade of begging by their son.

Mizarians a warp-capable pacifistic humanoid species, had been conquered six times in a matter of three centuries due to their extreme pacifistic values. The Mizar (Zeta Ursae Majoris) system was located in the Alpha Quadrant. It was a quinary system of five A-class stars. In the late 24th century, it was an independent system. [We meet Kova Tholl (a Mizarian) in the ST:TNG episode, Allegiance.]

I just mocked up a photo of my character today, in a ​2383 uniform. Maybe serving aboard the Nova Class Scientific and Survey Operations vessel the U.S.S. Solstice, NCC72613.


Will you allow mixed-species?