Play over discord?

So I recently just discovered this RPG and I’m a huge Trek fan and RPG player, so I though it would be fun to give this a go. Unfortunately, no one in my area really is interested in playing Trek RPGs, and that’s even if we could get together . . . which is currently a bad idea because of the worldwide pandemic. So is there anyone out there willing to play/run a few games? Maybe over discord or some other medium? I’d love to be able to play.

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You could find STA online groups here:

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Thanks for the invite FrankF!

Usually, groups that get together on Discords like the 2d20 Discord above create their own campaign Discord server to share information, for scheduling, chatting and, of course, the audio- or video-chat channels for actual gaming sessions.
Usually those campaign-specific Discord servers are private, by dedicated invitation for the play group only. So you wouldn’t necessarily find them on a search for public Discords.

Regarding the popularity of STA, you have very good chances to find an ongoing or a newly created group to join. I have played in four STA campaigns on Discord and in two on MeWe. So that works quite well, I think.

We play on Roll20, using Discord for voice/video, and other groups play on other VTTs - it’s quite common.

Roll20 has a search function on its homepage to look for open games for given games.

What region are you in?

I am in the pacific time zone.