Newbie Looking for Group

I recently got the PDF of the core rulebook for Star Trek Adventures and I was wondering if there was any group out there I can join who is willing to teach me?

Sorry for the bump, but I am still looking for a group.

You might join the Facebook group: “Star Trek Adventures RPG”. They usually have people looking for games and players on there.

I’ve tried there as well, and so far no luck. Not giving up, though.

Always make sure to give more info! Are you looking for a group to play in person around a table? If so make sure to include where in the world you are! Are you looking for something online? If online I recommend trying Roll20 there’s generally a few Trek groups up there, some are big discord channels with a couple dozen people and others are more classic group of 3-5 player type games you’ll see at a table.

I am looking to play online. I’ve looked on Roll20, but I’ve only found a pay to play groups, a play by post group, a non-Starfleet group and a group who has had a big red warning flag put on them bu the STA subreddit

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My home game has been hiatus due thanks to the return of City of Heroes - had a group of five players, with four who had always lamented the “demise” of City of Heroes. I have one player and I trying to find more players. I had set up a Roll20 - Sword of Damocles. However, haven’t used it since January. I just updated the listing. I’m not the most savvy person when it comes to using Roll20, only having used it a few times. Feel free to PM me for details. I can only run once a month and only if I get enough interest. It is a home game I’ve been running since the playtest, so there is some established story elements already.

In that same stickied post there were a number of people calling bull***t, a few bad eggs making things bad for everyone. I’d never even heard of them previously and then suddenly the new mod stickied that threatening to ban people.

Mod was flexing their new power IMO as there has never been any mention of the Tenth fleet before or after that post.

Have you tried posting in the /lfg subreddit?

I have. No response yet, sadly.

The Tenth Fleet has a You Tube channel with over 200 games. I can tell you that the Reddit ban is a result of the Reddit mod’s personality conflicts with a couple of Tenth Fleet players, but I think if you just pick a random selection of the games that have been recorded from almost the inception of the Tenth, you’ll discover that we’re actually not what the Reddit mod says we are. The games and players speak for themselves, and we’d love to play STA with you!


I’m assuming this is a play by forum on Reddit?