Looking For Gamers

I’m the gamemaster for a group that runs sessions the second Friday of the month at 8pm-10pm EST. We lost a couple of players recently and are looking for more to strengthen our ranks.
I started with the Living Campaign and created a second season involving traveling through an alternate dimension. I ran some original adventures plus some mission compendium and pdf adventures and am getting ready for my unofficial third act of the living campaign, which I don’t want to spoil any details of,
We play on Discord and use Roll20.
If you’re interested in joining please pm me.
Garrett Crowe

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After a look at a time converter it seems to be at 3-5 am Saturday in France, unless I’m wrong. A bit too early for me. At 7am it could work. My trill science officer will stay asleep.

Man, I live on the East Coast and I would love to be able to do this, but Discord and I are not on friendly terms, especially since I have a slow-a$$ computer (I’m in the process of shopping around for a new one) and I don’t have a working mic. (Not to mention I’m completely unfamiliar with Roll20.)

@barefoottourguide I would be curious to speak with you about joining your group. Let’s get in touch.

I’d be interested in playing. I’m from the UK. Any preference to position on the ship? My discord is is: wazza#4252. Regards.

Thanks for inquiring about playing in my Star Trek game. We’re actually in dire need of a First Officer. Also, our Security Officer PC’s player had to drop out of the game, so if you want Security, you can have it. The next game is Friday, Nov 12th at 8pm EST. My Discord name is DMGarrettCrowe#8755. Let me know what you think.

I’m not finding a way to send a pm to you. Please message me.

@barefoottourguide I just tried to send a “friend request” through Discord with the name as you typed it above and Discord didn’t recognize it. Is there a typo or error in upper/lowercase or something?

DM Garrett Crowe#8755 is my username.

@barefoottourguide Ahhh! The spaces make all the difference. :grin: I just sent you a friend request over on Discord.

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hello Garett im new to Modiphius Star Trek but a long time Rp’er i would like to here more about your Star Trek game if you are still looking for players’ im not far from NY so play times would not be an issue for me. ill send you a friend request on Discord im Tblake#3017 on Discord

I’d be game too. Feel free to contact me.

I’d love to game with you. Things are getting exciting in my game. Going up against a mob of genetically augmented Sheryl Crow clones.

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