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Dear people.

I was wondering: is there an lfg channel or thread anywhere? I saw the “play online” section, but that looks inactive.

Because… I am looking for a nice online group to join. I am 40 years old, with many years of p&p experience and I live in Germany (English skills are good). I’d like to join as a player, but would DM, too, if there are other players out there.

Best wishes,


You might wanna try the Roll20 platform and head into the Looking for Group channel there.
I’m a GM in Germany, but I don’t host online games.

Another thing you can try is look up the group on Discord.

Good gaming!

Thank you guys. Already tried Roll20.net, but will try the Discord Channel as well :sunglasses:

Hope to find an online group, soon :innocent:

You can join us. We play second Friday of the month 7pm-10pm EST.
We’re doing the Living Campaign with some original material and some published modules.

If you (or anyone reading) is interested, I’m assembling a party to crew a space station that overlooks a Borg Transwarp Hub. We’ll play every second friday, with the first session being help May 3rd.

If you’d like to apply, please do so here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nvr3QJyf6ypOOnVqecYFUBrqHR1GxvNJzI30XKSMuCk

I would also be very interested in joining a group! Anyone recruiting?

In case you don’t get an answer, here: During the recent ModCon, Modiphius announced they were teaming up with I think two onine services who do just that: hooking players up with groups et vice versa. Sadly, I forgot the names and found nothing on the Modiphius webpage (in a one-minute skim).

Maybe @Modiphius-Jim or @Modiphius-Lloyd (or any other prefixed-nickname) could be of help, here?

Here’s one ( though the listing is currently, unfortunately very quiet): https://startplaying.games.

[Edit] Also, Here’s some Discord servers that I’ve found helpful: https://discord.gg/RYunGpbt and https://discord.gg/3wFdxCJq. I hope they help you.

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starting a STA campaign on TTS. group will be stationed at Naranda station near the Shackleton Expanse. Support ships will be a new Defiant class experimental ship the Viligant and Runabouts. A Orion/Borg Liason officer from Star Fleet Intellegence will be the Liason at Naranda station as an advisor.
A joint task force with the klingons will be at the station working together with the commander lead by A’kull the klingon Bird of prey commander sunday’s are best for me for game days. The commander should be an experienced player discord serverhttps://discord.gg/zrERnmb6yS

I would love to be part of the group that rotates GM duties. I’d be happy to take my turn and run one of the published adventures (there are some excellent ones out there), but I’d also like to play a PC. It would also give me & everyone a chance to learn the game mechanics at an easy pace as well as the virtual tools (R20, Dischord, etc).

Ideally, we’d meet a couple times per month, 3-4 hours per session, and complete a self-contained (published) episode. So many of the groups I’ve seen advertised or that I’ve been linked up with have long and intricate back stories or require specific individuals to attend to continue the story. I’d rather just play an “episode of the week” and if that evolves into a continuing mission, fine, but if not, at least we got a couple fun STA stories per month.

Honestly, my free time is rare and precious to me, I want to use some of it to play STA, but I don’t have the ability or wherewithal to devote a lot of effort to herding cats or overengaging in chat. So I guess I’m looking for people of a similar mind who value their precious time and are willing to share it a couple of hours per month to make fun stories.

Anyone else out there feel similar?

I would be up for rotating GM’ing. Thats a great idea. I’m in EST

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I’d be interested in rotating as gm and playing as well. I’m EST as well.


That’s three then. I’ll cross-post this on a Dischord channel and see what we get.

Posted here: https://discord.gg/mPjf7wEy.

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I like the idea of rotating GMs for an ‘episode of the week’ type feel to play. Consider me interested.

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I think that makes 4. Do we want to try and figure out a time to meet?

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If there is still room, I would be interested. I just lost a group that I just play in. However, I’m an experienced GM having run my own game for nearly 2 years now and wouldn’t mind picking up GM duties every once in awhile.

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Forever-GM looking for a game, after 5pm EST weekdays

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Six sounds good. Anyone have a discord server or similar where we can log-in and chat to talk out date/time/etc? Let’s remove our conversation from the forum.

I created a discord server. ■■■ closing the link for the time being as I think we have a large enough group.

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