New GM, Seeking Advice

Hello, Everyone!

First off, I’d like to thank you for reading this new topic. And before, this sounds like a politician spin-off, here I go:

I am a new GM, and I am thinking about creating a group, locally, for playing Star Trek Adventures.
I have been a long-time fan of Star Trek (Most of my life); and have seen every single episode of Star Trek, in every single series. (Thousands of Times over, it seems)
And though I have a passionate yearning to run a Star Trek Adventures game, with like-minded enthusiasts, I have a serious problem… there doesn’t seem to be socially active STA players locally! Oh no!
So, I have been rather bummed about it; and now, would really like to hear some advice from this awesome community:

Would it be preferable, to expand my search for players in this game, beyond local play? And, if so, how would you suggest I go about it (outside discord groups)?

I really appreciate any input you can offer.


Unfortunately, I’ve run into the same problem in my area: Reading, PA. Everyone is clamoring to play D&D or Pathfinder, but not willing to give other games a chance. I always get a full group at Save Against Fear, and while I never have an empty table when I run STA, most of them live more than an hour away from me. Makes joining their groups or their coming to me burdensome, even for RPGs. For a while I was fortunate that I had a home group willing to play, but even that eventually fizzled to the point I had to shelf my home campaign a couple of times. I’ve been running on Roll20 since October of last year and have my group fluctuate in size from as few as 3 to 8 players.

That said, your two best options:

  • Approach your local game store and ask if they would be willing to offer space for a game and put up a flyer advertising the game.
  • Talk to your local library about setting up an STA RPG club for library patrons - will probably get some traction if you target it towards teens and adults being able to join.
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I was at Save Against Fear this year! I drove up from just outside DC in fact. Didn’t get to play STA there though. Funny the difference though that down here what with traffic and travel times what they are, driving an hour to a game is fairly standard in the area.

I am in a Meetup group for RPGs whose only rule for official meetups is no D&D or Pathfinder - we meet give or take about monthly, there’s usually around 20 or so of us and we split into 3 or 4 tables for one shots. Beyond that the members are free to organize regular campaigns of whatever, including D&D and PF, and I am playing in a King Arthur Pendragon game and formerly GMed STA and Conan for members of said group. Maybe you could set up and advertise a similar Meetup in your area?


I’m with Dytrrnikl in finding a local game store, see if anyone’s interested, put up a flyer, etc.
I’m also a big fan of eye candy; I bought the miniatures, combed the internet for pictures, check out DriveThruRPG, not just for STA, but all things science-fictiony, like paper models, terrain maps, space maps, etc.
Of, course, I love making stuff, your mileage may vary…!

Set up a demo at said game store. A lot of people don’t want to stray from their accustomed game and don’t realize how easy the 2d20 system really is.

Maybe there are local Star Trek or other science fiction clubs/Meetups in the area.

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These are all great ideas! Thank you so much, for responding so promptly! I do like the idea of creating my own stuff; especially 3D tile sets; as I am a very artsy-fartsy person. I used to create 3D tiles for D&D out of styrofoam (not n easy feat) and would like to create something similar, though I am thinking more along the lines of corridors and other such 3D tile sets. However, with things that would look great, the price tag goes higher. >~<

As with organizing a local meetup at a local gaming store, I will definitely look into it; and see if there is anyone interested. I certainly hope that my ideas can bring other trekkies and gamers together to experience this awesome game system. :slight_smile:

Another question, I’d like to pose, however…
If there is a certain lack of interest in the game, would you suggest taking it online to a more play-by-post, or something like Skype or Google Groups? Obviously, the use of miniatures would be rendered almost useless, however.


Ha! Talk about responding promptly!

I believe several games on YouTube have used Roll20 for their system, it accommodates 2d20 for instance.

Roll20 supports STA. Someone even created sheets for Characters and Ships. They even have the tiles available if you want to purchase them for use on Roll20. I’ve been using Roll20 for about 6 months now for my own campaign. I’m still figuring out Roll20, so still learning the ropes so to speak, however, I haven’t been disappointed.

I think work is being done with Fantasy Grounds to help support STA as well.

I’ve also heard some people use Discord too.

For reference, when I said a Meetup group, I meant the website

I realized I was unclear. Sorry about that! I hope you find a group.

I have a similar problem, although I have managed to get friends together to try the game before, keeping the same group able to meet together to play on any regular basis is like herding cats. My advice? Anti-depressants because I am a sad panda.

Put up a note at your local game store, library, or community center if you want to create a local FTF group.

I’d suggest discord for online play, but not for meeting players. I use it for my sunday group.

I can’t speak to VTTs, as I don’t use them. If I need my players to have a map, I send them a map with labeled spaces. And tell them where the relevant things are.

I agree with Dytrrnikl. i run into the same problems at times

I work with the owners of the local game stores to do special Star Trek game days (outside quarantine era). We usually get a good turnout. Be sure to market it in the store, on the store’s website and in your local gaming groups’ online social media.
Also, I have a game that’s been going on two years using roll20. We don’t use it to roll dice but to provide NPC pictures, keep track of momentum and handle combat. WE use Discord for the audio, and it runs great. Ask for people on the Star Trek social media threats, enworld or this forum for people looking for an online game. I’m sure you’ll get a group together.

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