Star Trek Discord

Are there any STA discords out there I join to talk about STA.

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There are several, depending if you’re just looking for a place to meet and chat with fellow STA/Trek fans or if you’re wanting to join a gaming group. I think the biggest general STA Discord is Starfleet Command, which has a little bit of everything.

I’m really interested in joining an STA group for some online play (story driven more so than die-fest) but don’t know Discord too well to find appropriate groups. Considering Discord requires an invite to join a server, assuming I’m correct there, how would I find the group on discord so I could request to join?

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If you’re on Roll20, drop a line into the Tenth Expeditionary Fleet’s LFP listing ( and I’ll send you an invite to the Fleet’s Discord. We have several games looking for players, and at least one new game starting up in January.

I also have a fairly large STA Discord. Over 300 people.

Per Modiphius’s community policy, Modiphius doesn’t endorse any Discord server. I happen to be on that one because someone invited me to it and it seemed like a useful place to go to connect with fans who may not be here, Facebook, or Reddit. If there are other Discord servers, let me know and I’ll join in, though I doubt I’ll be a regular since I don’t have a ton of time for game-related social media.

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Like I said, invite me to yours and I’ll answer questions there too, time permitting. True for anyone’s Discord, really.

I don’t run a public discord devoted to star trek and my previous response was stated factually, not facetiously. that is me corrected. Just FYI.