Taurus Reach Campaign


Long time Trek fan, but new STA GM. I mean, I’ve refereed role playing games since the early 80s - including FASA Trek - so although new to this really cool and fluid system, i think ill be alright this Saturday - My First STA Game!



Nice work, I always enjoy fan art of other campaigns.

One nitpick: I noticed that the USS Eldridge only has two points allocated for its departments (Conn +1 and Science +1), but it should be three in total.

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Some cool stuff and awesome to see my favourite novel setting in-game! Plus a Sentinel - nice! (My own Arcadia is part-based on the Sentinel. Bill Krause is a talented designer.)

Does the Eldridge not have a mission profile yet?

A thought, it might be worth a proofread - there are a couple of places on the posters where “Vanguard” has become “Vangaurd”.

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The Eldridge does have a Mission Profile, however it is classified by SFI.

Yike - dyslexia strikes again; but thanks for the heads up. I’ll certainly keep an eye out for such typos in the future.