STA Survey up on the website

Hey gang, when you get a chance, hop over to the STA landing page and complete a very short survey about the game line. Would love your input on what mini sets you’d like to see next!


It wasn’t listed on the survey but I would like to see an Orion Syndicate miniature set.

It’s a shame that the survey requires at least 1 selection of miniatures for future purchase. I’m all in for the books, dice, tokens, offical mission and crew .pdfs, etc. but when I’m running a game, I prefer theatre of the mind.
I would love to see not so much deck tiles, but rather low-detail blueprints of starship decks; not for combat but so players can have a better idea of ship layout without having to bog down scenes with minutiae.


That is what vinyl mats are for.

I don’t mean something drawn in the moment; rather a pdf that can be distributed to players so they always have a rough record of the layout of their ship that isn’t a photo/scan of a crudely-drawn image in dry marker.

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One can do this pretty easily by drawing it on ruled paper. Keep the paper for future use. Think of it as a set in a studio shooting a show. In our group, we often use miniatures, and place the reusable map under plexiglass to protect it.

I for one would enjoy having something professionally styled in the LCARS aesthetic. It wouldn’t be for use with miniatures, purely as a handout for players to know the layout of their ship. Fair enough if you wouldn’t have a use for it, but it’s an answer that I was unable to put on a survey.


See if you can find a copy of this:

It’s a great reference and could be used to illustrate the interior of just about any TNG-era Starfleet vessel.

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I’ll take a look. Thanks for the heads up. :grinning:

Make certain you are not ordering the German language blueprint set.

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For TOS, FASA and FJD both released deckplans for the constitution class.

third parties have done plans for a variety of ships.

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Couldn’t complete the survey without a false answer. I don’t use miniatures so the last question cannot be answered.

They have a large number of deckplans you can download and print.

Here are two Enterprise versions.

I print them at 11x17, large enough to see but not cumbersome at the table.

They are not 100% canon. But this is better than not.
I’d love to see official versions, but official deck plans tend to go overboard and be useless for actual the gaming table. My official Galaxy Class plans are 13 poster sized pages that are still micro-sized print. They may be a “accurate” envisioning, but they are too detailed to be more than a curiosity.

[it had been a while but when I actually went and looked, there are actually only 13 sheets]


Filled out the survey! I’d also like to suggest a set of minis for “Shield of Tomorrow” - the USS Sally Ride crew! :slight_smile:

SoT minis came up at GenCon last year and are mentioned on the wishlist thread. No news on them due to licensing discussions.

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Aramis, as I recall you speak German - do you have aset of the ENTERPRISE-D deck plans by Sternbach? I bought a set in German, would you be interested in buying them for what I paid for them, plus shipping, of course? Or anyone else?

Nope. I know a few key phrases, and can sometimes puzzle out written Haut Deutsch.

My foreign language in College was Russian.
My recent language stude has been ASL, for family reasons.