New STA Products on the way

Seven brand new products beam in for #StarTrek Adventures, including the Tricorder Collector’s Edition alongside three new Division dice sets, Gamemaster/Player Guides, and a complete campaign setting: The Shackleton Expanse Campaign Guide!


Uhhhh! This. Is. Nice.

I’m far too polite to ask any one to close their mouth, yet would like Modiphius to take my money. :slight_smile:

The new dice designs are very… tiedied up, I’ll probably like that. Yet I still wonder about the 2/4 ratio of d20 and d6 configuration of the contents. I’m still adamant that a “complete” set of dice for 2d20 consists of 5 d20. :wink:

What completely hypes me are the GMs’/Players’ Handbooks. Are the covers final? I love them.

Especially the advice on Session 0 and play (we had this discussion in this very forums, these days :wink: ) are something I’m very keen to read.

In essence: I’m now very content I’ve been saving my latinum. Seven to beam up! :slight_smile:


Set phasers to purchase… oh belay that order.
Stand down.
It was just a product announcement. Sensors indicate only dice in range.

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Looking forward to the Player’s and Gamemaster’s Guides in addition to the Shackleton Expanse Campaign Guide.
I hope the Players Guide will include new aliens and starship profiles.
Still hoping on the Prometheus class :laughing:

Is there an ETA on the release dates?

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Another thing regarding the dice: The artwork on the box is… weird. I know that CBS put restrictions on visuals and corporate identity and stuff, so that this is nothing under Modiphius’ control – but… those are just weird. :crazy_face:

Product prices?

I had a limited number of characters to pick from in ViacomCBS’s branding guidelines. They tell us how they want boxes designed. shrug :slight_smile:

Prices for dice are on the webstore. Prices for the other products will be announced once they go up for pre-order.

Yeah, I know. Next time you’re making suggestions on these brandings, put my name on the list of support. :slight_smile:

With the upcoming Guides and Shackleton Expanse joining the core books, Division Supplements and Quadrant Supplements, has there been any thought to a comprehensive index so players can quickly locate a specific rule?

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Shackleton Expanse Campaign Guide!! I cannot wait!


All the rules are in the core book of your choice. The pg and gmg will have optional rules but nothing mandatory.

I might have bandwidth someday to compile an index (though I think my time is better spent working on new products) but guarantee some passionate STA fans will likely compile or maintain a better one if they haven’t already.


I might have missed this element; are the PG and GMG rules-only versions (updated) of the core books, I.e. no/little fluff?

Someone asked above about the pricing; I’d second that, but although actual prices obviously aren’t available yet, are we looking at Quadrant book, or core book prices?

@Sirok: To me it looks as if they are not rules-only versions of the core book.
Quoting from the blog post:
"Both guides contain:

  • A primer on the essential elements of Star Trek
  • An overview of key Star Trek setting details and technology
  • Definitions of six key Star Trek eras"

This sound like fluff to me.

And quoting @Modiphius-Jim from above:
“The pg and gmg will have optional rules but nothing mandatory.”
For me this sounds like: No core rules in PG or GMG.


Now if only that tricorder came with a sweet set of Constitution-class deck tiles…


Ideally to scale with the miniatures, unlike the existing tile sets.

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[quote=“Sirok, post:13, topic:15735, full:true”]
I might have missed this element; are the PG and GMG rules-only versions (updated) of the core books, I.e. no/little fluff?[/quote]

PG and GMG contain all new content, no core rules (other than advice on using the core rules and ways to flex them). The core rules are in the core rulebooks. The PG and GMG are, as noted in the press release, companion volumes. As such, the last thing I wanted to do was repeat a bunch of text from the core books in them.

To play the game, all you need is a core rulebook (Starfleet core, Klingon core, or the tricorder core). Every other product for the game is optional and supplemental. I don’t want anyone to think they have to buy multiple products to play the game. We’re not other RPGs. :wink:


While it’s a little late for me, has there been any thought to bundling the quadrant supplements in a fashion similar to the division supplements?

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And there was me thinking there was no way you’d be able to top the Shackleton Expanse Campaign Guide with whatever else you were planning to release this year but, if anything, the GMG and PG have me even more excited. I second @MisterX - the covers look great.


Yeah, but you know it’s far too tempting to a fan of Star Trek not to buy all the fun and beautiful add-ons. :star_struck: