Best STA product in "hard" form?

Although I had half the digital products already from the mophidius store, I purchased the recent Humble Bundle. I did so in part for the 50% off hardcover core rulebook (all my products are digital since I started my campaign post-COVID and I GM over Discord). That cuts the product price down to $40 for the hardbound edition, but with $36 shipping to Canada, that is still more than the price from So, if I am going to go ahead with a physical purchase, I might as well buy a few more products since I am hitting the maximum shipping cost out the gate. Any recommendations on products that are best (or exclusively) served as physical media? The borg cube is no longer available - the GM screen and dice seem likely - the miniatures cannot be used in a Discord-only campaign, and STA isn’t “hex/square”-obsessed like certain other roleplaying games I could name.

All books are really good, but the Division Books are a must have.

Are you ordering from the store? That might help with shipping costs.

All the products are available in digital. Nothing’s required in print. The tricorder set is uniquely interesting in print, though–can’t really replicate the box experience digitally. Ditto any dice sets.

All the other books are nice to have in print, but I don’t know if they’re must-haves, except maybe the Klingon collector’s edition in the red leatherette. Shackleton is impressive in print.


Happy upcoming New Year, Jim! Yes, I am ordering from the U.S. store; however, Canadians are notoriously ill-served by U.S. shipping and courier services. I may even get dinged for customs and “customs brokerage” fees. I will definitely look at the Tricorder set - while I am adverse to collectibles for collection’s sake, it does include a number of things I don’t have or can’t find in any other package. It says pre-order, though, so would I need to wait for general availability before redeeming my 50% core rules code, so that I can get it all in one shipping package?

I’ll second that. The division books are definitely a good investment. Beyond that, I’d say the Klingon core book is worth a careful consideration if you have any interest in a significant Klingon presence in a game.

Thanks - I am running in the TOS era, so it’s unlikely that there will be Klingon PCs; that said, I very much would like some fleshed-out Klingon presence as some of the PCs have Values that I want to challenge (sadly, although his Klingons died on the canon surgery table, I was a big fan of John M. Ford’s books and FASA module). The division books are already included in the Humble Bundle (although I haven’t taken a look at them yet; I was under the impression that they were more TNG+ flavour); is there a significant “value add” from digital to hardcopy version?

The division books are written in the TNG timeframe, but there’s plenty of information that is very relevant to TOS.

As for “value add,” I think that depends on your tastes. I’m old enough to be a “digital immigrant,” and I’m often more comfortable with a printed book. If you’ve lived all your life in a hyperlinked digital-format world, it might not be a big deal for you.

Oh - I think you’ll find that the Klingon book’s handling of the smooth/bumpy Klingons echoes Ford in some pretty satisfying ways (at least, they’re satisfying to me). Obviously, the notion of deliberately-bred “fusions” is gone, but the way the two groups operate within Klingon society feels Ford-ish to me.

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I had this situation a while ago with other STA products. I wanted to package a pre-order with some products already deliverable. It was no problem; I think I shot a message to first and worked it out with the nice people there. It was no problem and worked perfectly fine.

Please note, though, that this is an experience with the UK store and I cannot speak with regards to the US store!

The Borg Cube is/was indeed nice. I can second the Tricorder Set (if only for the green dice, you won’t find them anywhere else right now). In case you still find the acryl Momentum/Threat tokens, these are also nice to have. :slight_smile: