What STA books should I absolutely get?

So I currently have the core, the PG and GMG and Tricorder set coming, as well as Sciences and Alpha Quadrant… I’m pretty sure I plan on picking up Ops and Command, but not 100% interested in being a completist because I only have so much bookshelf space… what else would folks absolutely recommend or not recommend and why? I plan on playing/ running multiple eras, (though TOS/Disco and Post Dominion war are probably going to be my go-to’s) also… I’m mostly focused on the physical books, but if you have an argument like go for the PDF b/c you won’t use it a lot, but you’ll want it if you do this, that is totally appreciated.

If you intend giving Klingons spotlight in your campaign, you should consider the Klingon Corebook.

The Narendra Station Campaign Setting is a great compilation of lore, missions and NPC and definetly worth considering. Besides, it’s absolutely beautiful.

The rest depends. Do you want to run pre-written missions? Then the Mission Compendium is for you. Do you want to have lore, NPC and more species? There are Quadrant books. All of these are great. Just depend on your needs.

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Command and Ops books do add a lot. Command has loads of space frames, and rules for running an Admiralty level campaign. Ops has lots of details about the other Starfleet departments like the Corps of Engineers, as well as tactical bits.

The only thing i would suggest would be the Beta quadrant book, if you are planning on exploring that way.

I would suggest getting these in pdf, so you have them, and then seeing whether you wanted them physically. I seem to recall Modiphius sometimes credit’s the pdf cost if you later buy the book, but thisnwas a while ago and might have changed

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Both adventure collections book are superb, especially if you’re pressed for time writing your own.

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If you’re covering a lot of different eras/crews I’d second @wasmeister on the mission volumes.

Volume 1 is mostly TNG as default missions, but at least 2 say they’re suitable as written for all eras and 1 is a TOS mission. Volume 2 is more broad with 1 ENT and 4 TOS default era missions alongside 4 TNG – and each chapter layout is designed after the era so it’s a nicer overall book in my opinion. (Volume 2 is also marginally thinner, if I’m recommending on shelf space.)

If you’re not going to regularly play Klingons in the Empire I wouldn’t recommend the Klingon core rules as anything other than PDF. It’s just a chunky as the core, and the streamlining they made to some of the rules are also in the Tricorder digest. I think the Beta Quadrant book has more information on them, if you need that but want to save shelf space?

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From personal experience, Modiphius credited me when I bought the PDF from them and then ordered the book direct from them. I wouldn’t expect them to credit for a DriveThru PDF purchase or if you buy the book from your FLGS. This is definitely at their discretion so I wouldn’t count on it! (This is also distinct from the complimentary PDF thing, which is valid as long as you can prove you bought the book.)

I did it this way for most of the initial expansions, then liked them so much I bought the hardcopies.

I’d say outside the core rules - the 3 division books are all useful, Alpha and Beta are the most useful quadrant books.


Modiphius’ Policy is as simple, as it is the greatest: You own the PDF – you get discount on the physical product. You own the physical product – you get discount on the PDF.

I remember threads where sending a photo of the receipt for proof of ownership or something.

@Modiphius-Jim please correct me if I’m wrong and/or policy has changed.

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I would at least grab the Gamma PDF as well if you are doing multiple eras as that gives you tons of Dominion lore for the Dominion War.

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I thought the policy was even better: If you owned the product, you can get the PDF for free so long as you have proof of purchase. That was a while ago though so it may have changed

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Interesting… I normally wouldnt consider getting adventures but as you say if they are good … well it bears considering

There’s at least 1 freebie (Kobayashi Maru) if you want an insight as to what they’re like.

@Maddrjeffe I’m playing (and running) TTRPGs for about 20 years now. The STA pre-written adventures are the best I’ve ever seen. Normally, I’d write all the adventures myself, because adapting pre-written adventures would be just as much work as writing it all on my own.

Not with STA. I’m preparing to GM a campaign that hopefully lasts for a few years. I plan to almost exclusively use pre-written material. Because it’s great.

In addition to Kobayashi Maru that @Astronut already mentioned, there are a lot of adventures Modiphius provides for free:

  • A Vulture in the Stars (Modiphia #2)
  • Ghost Writer (Modiphia #3)
  • Signals (Quick Start)
  • The Tip of the Bat’leth (Klingon Quick Start)
  • The entire first Living Campaign season (discontinued, to reappear, re-worked and expanded, in the Shackleton Expanse Campaign Setting already mentioned above) with 16 missions

That’s about 20 free adventures to test whether the style of Modiphius’ pre-written adventures is apt for you and your group. “About” 20, because “Signals” is actually twice in this list, because the Quick Start contains a shortened form of the Living Campaign mission.

Long Story Short: If you’re a GM, you should absolutely consider buying the Mission Compendium and/or the occasional stand-alone mission. A mission for Klingons arrived just today! :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone, I didn’t even think about the PDF policy, that seems like an excellent recommendation for my upcoming purchases. Just get the PDF’s and then get a discount from Modiphius on the hardcover if I like the PDF!


Make sure you check with Modiphius beforehand!

Let me quote @Modiphius-Jim from this thread about the Player’s and GM’s guide, written on 5 Feb 2022:

Because Modiphius is great, yknow? :smiley:


Modiphius is great for giving the PDFs with physical versions. One of the aspects that makes them attractive for a.consumer over, say, WotC’s D&D.

This was brought up earlier, but I didn’t see a definitive answer. If you’ve bought the PDF, does Modiphius give a discount when you buy the physical copy (from them, obviously)? Some PDFs I bought from modiphius direct and others via humblebundle. It’s never occurred to me that they might, but seeing that, it’s worth asking.

As far as I know, they do. Just shoot the nice people behind support@modiphius.com a friendly message, I think your chances are good. :slight_smile:

I can confirm from own experience that they do give a discount if you bought both PDF and printed product via their shop.

My recommends are

  1. Stage 1
    • Either corebook
  2. Stage 2
    • Player’s Guide
    • GM’s Guide
    • One Corebook of choice
  3. Stage 3 (in this order)
    1. Command Division
    2. Operations Division
    3. Science Division
  4. Stage 4
    • the other quadrant books
  5. Stage 5
    • The other Core(s)
    • The GM screens

Insert adventures as needed.

I will put stage 3 before stage 2
And download the Alternative experience free pdf