Players Guide worth purchasing?

With the recent release of the Rules Digest, I am wondering about the differences between that TOS oriented tome and the new Players Guide. Does the PG have new material? Is it substantaially different than the Rules Digest (which I own)

The Player’s Guide has a tonne of new info. I’m pretty fond of the new character generator rules: great for creating merchants, diplomats non-Starfleet military roles.



The PG and GMG contain all new content; none of it is duplicated from the core book or the rules digest.

The rules digest is a revision and reformat of the core rulebook. if you have either core rulebook, you probably don’t need the rules digest, unless you want the TOS layout and smaller form factor.

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The Player’s Guide and Gamemaster’s Guide are worth buying twice.


Wow! Thanks for mentioning that we can use this to create merchants and non-Starfleet folks. I’ve been really concerned that this wouldn’t happen in STA. I have wanted to play a merchant campaign (set in FASA’s Triangle region of space) for years and years now.

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Jim, you may be unable to answer, but I get the feeling that with the publication of the Rules Digest, the format of the STA books may change in the future.

I strongly prefer the softcover and black text on white background of the digest and would wait to purchase any other products if I knew they were to be reprinted in this format.

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Rules digest was a special edition to go into the tricorder, and we printed extra copies to sell by themselves. No plans to convert the rest of the line to softcover.

I have been gradually moving new books over to light backgrounds, though, so you’ll see that in the PG, GMG, Disco book, and forthcoming starships book (and other releases in 2023).

Any reprints of existing books will remain in the format they were originally printed with.

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Honestly, keeping existing books in the same, original format is the right call. Thanks for the response!

Add me to the choir of those who feel the PG and GMG are worth it…

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