Discovery Campaign Guide(s)

@Modiphius-Jim I’m not sure with the preview images and it’s not mentioned in the descriptions – do the Campaign Guides (either “Standard” or “Collector’s Edition”) come in digest size or the size of the books prior to Tricorder/Player’s/GM’s Guides?

Nope. The Disco standard book, collector’s book, and the UP book coming this fall are all standard US letter hardcovers. Only digests in STA are the PG, GMG, and tricorder rules digest.


I hoped for this answer. Now, please excuse me – I need to pre-order some books. :smiley:

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I really like the digest size and format, but I need to work with the designers before committing to more books in that form. All that starship art and stuff needs room to breathe. I’d need to work on a really nice layout design before committing a starships book to the digest size.


Oh, it’s actually very nice, I’ll give you that. But… I don’t know, virtually all my RPG books are either US letter or DIN A4 and the digest ones… just look so small, I guess?

But especially, for the reasons you mentioned, for the UP book (hypehypehype) I had hoped for a larger format. Now, let’s skip to fall, shall we? :smiley:

I just looked at the preview and one thing I just don’t understand is how the Walker and Shepard could be Scale 3 when they’re the same size as the upscaled ST: DISC Constitution class, which is still Scale 4, right? Even disregarding the nacelle lengths, the mass/volume of all three ships is roughly equal, so why the Scale difference? (Compare all three ships on this Eaglemoss jpeg. The DISC Constitution is on the left side near the bottom while the Shepard and the Walker are near the bottom right corner.)

Or is the DISC Constitution class now retconned to Scale 3 and no one told me? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

As I keep repeating: Scale is not only size, but also crew complement. Are, maybe (I honestly don’t know it) the Walker/Shepard Class manned with a smaller crew than DIS’s Constitution class?

It’s a lot of things, really. Not just the mass and size of the ships, it’s also the assumed crew levels. And it involves a gut feeling from the writers, plus judgement calls. It’s not like Paramount has a canonical reference for all things starships.

And, when you’re comparing some 100 spaceframes against each other on a small scale of 1-7, there’s only so much to work with. So we make our best guess and get it approved and publish it.

Fortunately the system’s pretty streamlined and there aren’t a lot of numbers to futz with, so if one of our spaceframe stat blocks doesn’t fit your vision, change it. It won’t break anything to do so.


I think it makes sense as well considering how scale effects combat stats. The Connie is often described as a heavy cruiser, whereas the Walker seems “lighter” by comparison. The extra point on scale is useful to help to distinguish, even though thats only a small part of the game.

I was hoping over the last year that I could figure out the method of madness the Modiphius guys were using to determine Scale so I could make (what I thought were) more accurate write-ups of starships that hadn’t been officially published yet. That was what my Scale documents posted at Continuing Mission were all about. But now that we have the Utopia Planitia book on its way, hopefully that will detail a more accurate ship-building process that is Modiphius-official.

Or so I hope, anyway. Maybe my Scale documents are/will be soon obsolete, but knowing the Utopia Planitia book is on it’s way is no small amount of consolation. I have no idea what’s actually going to be in the Utopia Planitia book, but I’m still saving my latinum for it anyway. :money_mouth_face:


Okay so I have zero interest in the Discovery ship or tv show itself but I super enjoyed the campaign book you created and was wondering how focused on the ship and its crew and the random events like the spore drive is this book.

If its mostly about the war and the interaction of the setting and such things then I might consider it. But if its got a major focus on the ship and berham and spore and other such things I doubt I have an interest in it.

Discovery’s story through the first two seasons are discussed in detail, and are used to help illustrate this time period as a game setting. What connects this era to the Enterprise era and TOS, how we got from there to here, what happened during the war and during the Red Angel crisis for the Disco crew and other crews, more spaceframes and NPCs and setting details.

Don’t know if that helps.


Much as I love the Starfleet* designs themselves, I’ve never been happy with the official dimensions - bearing in mind that the sizes of several of the older designs are “word of god”. I’d be more than happy to see them retconned to something more reasonable :smiley:

(* I don’t want to talk about the DSC Klingons - at all!)

[quote=“Modiphius-Jim, post:12, topic:17795, full:true”]
What connects this era to the Enterprise era and TOS, how we got from there to here[/quote]
Obviously via a long road.

I am ambivalent on Disovery Seasons 1 and 2, whereas I thought 3 was awesome, but the spaceframes, species write-ups and NPC stat blocks more than justify the price of admission. Any of these can be dropped into a different context pretty easily, or used to tweak the events of Discovery to be more to your liking, which I might do if I ever get around to running a Four Years War campaign.

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OK, when’s the Strange New Worlds book coming out? :slight_smile:

That one’s alreay published! :wink: :wink: :wink: Have a look right here! :rofl: :rofl:

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Do you get credits for the tittle?
I think he meant “strange New Worlds” TV Series.
Personaly I would like to have Nurse Chapel communicator frequency;

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I had hoped the over-abundance of winking and laughing emojis gave away a hint that I were not too serious about my comment…

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Personally, I just thought you were mocking him :person_shrugging:

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I definetly did not intended to mock someone. At least not in a bad way. But I see now that the post could indeed be intrepreted that way. Thanks for pointing that out, @Linklite! So, sorry @Katowice - no offense intended! :vulcan_salute:

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