Discovery Campaign Guide(s)

@MisterX I didn’t think that at all! LOL

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Is there going to be a PDF of the Disco book?

Either that or havinng a seizure,… I generously assumed the latter, since the former is a D*move.

There already is. Delivered immediately on print preorder. The pdf release itself will happen once the print books release, estimated summer 2022.


So I just noticed that both the Players and Gamemasters Guide’s are available for physical purchase at the US shop and I was about to go and buy them. I did have a question about timing for the Discovery book in physical, is there a timetable for when it might be out as well. If its soon I will buy the book now for shipment later but if its many months then I will wait.

Actually, similarly is there any news on when the Homeworld core book will also be out in physical, I want to add that game to my shelf as well.

I can’t speak to Homeworld, but I’d expect the Disco book to hit UK in June, then US maybe August. I’m hesitant to say anything firm because the global supply chain sucks. It took almost 6 months for the PG and GMG to get to the states. I would suggest buying the Disco book separately from the PG and GMG; otherwise your order will be stuck waiting for the Disco book to arrive.


Thanks for the info and yeah I am going to get the two star trek books plus Arrakis because they are out now and then check back later when its in the warehouse. Its better, as you support, this way.

What is this homeworld core book? I heard of the utopia book but this??? I’m seriously obsessed with this game already. This will send me into psychosis if there is another one coming out.

That was most likely a cross-franchise request. :slight_smile:
Some 15 or so years ago there was (or better “started”? Didn’t keep track.) a PC-games franchise called “Homeworld”. Modiphius acquired the license to bring out a TTRPG. It’s SciFi, but not Star Trek.

But you should save your Latinum, anyway. Until now, for every book Modiphius openly announced, they had at least one secretly in development. I bet the Utopia Planitia book won’t be the only one coming out this year.

I just watched some of the interview with Jim Johnson about the upcoming Discovery Guide here, and I can see from some of the starship pages they showed off that my Scale guesses were way off. With only a few exceptions, most of the Discovery-era Federation starships are Scale 3 when I figured them for Scale 5. Considering that most of them were commissioned before 2243 (when the breakthrough duotronic computers were invented) as well as the retconned scaled-up USS Enterprise we see in DISC Season 2 and in SNW, it makes sense in retrospect that these ships are Scale 3.

Yup, it’s confirmed to me beyond all doubt: size is not the only factor in determining a ship’s Scale.

Now I really want to see how starships are designed in the Utopia Planitia book. It’s gonna be a long wait to September…

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Has anyone already dowloaded the Star Trek Adventures Discovery Campaign Guide PDF? If you have it I’m curious as to how much and what kind of information it covers about Section 31.

There’s a little bit of information on Section 31, plus some starships and equipment specific to the organization.

Also NPC writeups and stats for Leland and Control.

Great, thanks for the info.

So um, did I catch a goof in this book? According to the corebook, Ablative Armor is a Starfleet starship Talent that isn’t available until 2371 (see corebook p.255). But the Mission Profile: Battlecruiser on p.115 of the Discovery book specifically lists Ablative Armor as a selectable talent for this mission profile waaaay back in the Discovery era (2250s). Did someone goof somewhere while writing up the Discovery book? Or is the corebook wrong about the date of availability of Ablative Armor?

I assume that including the Ablative Armor talent in the Battlecruiser mission profile is for using the profile in the Next Generation era only, and that some other talent like the Independent Phaser Supply ought to take its place for games in the Discovery/TOS era.

That would make sense. I would have liked a notation to that effect but I guess it would have been detrimental to the word count of the book. :stuck_out_tongue:

On a tangental note, I’m finding a number of other inconsistencies in the starships like the department points of the Starfleet ships not increasing by increments of 1 every decade.

I just saw that the ISS Charon only measured Scale 6 despite being 9.6km long, the same Scale as the 2.5km long Sarcophagus ship (which is a centuries if not millennia-old salvaged Hur’Q ship). Yet more proof positive that size alone does not determine Scale. It seems the level of technology and/or obsolesence is a factor too. Even a 9.6km long palace ship can’t be considered Colossal nor have a Scale of 12 if it doesn’t have anything more advanced than, say, duotronic computers.

Now I really really want to see the Utopia Planitia book.

“Yet more proof positive that size alone does not determine Scale”

That’s come up time and again. When will you believe it? :smiley:

The game’s been out almost 6 years. The new shows have shown us a lot of changes in starships that we couldn’t have predicted when we were developing the game. Stuff changes over time.

The Utopia Planitia book may help, but it’s not critical in this case. Requirements on character and ship talents are there as guidelines; gamemasters and players should feel free to use or ignore them as you see fit. If you want a 22nd century ship to have ablative armor, go for it.

They’re all tools in the toolkit.

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