Command Divison Book Questions

Long time Trek fan, and RPG player, but I’m new to ‘this’ incarnation of the rules. Getting into them now.

I had a few questions about the Command Division book.

  1. Is it paperback or hardback? The images seem to indicate hardback but when I glanced at Amazon it said Paperback.

  2. Which ships are included. Flicking through the net I saw a couple listed (Sovereign, Oberth, Nebula, Ambassador and NX) but not a full listing. I’m curious about the ones in there.

  3. Is it actually… – useful --? I’ve been rping for a solid 30 years now, in many different systems. I collect RPGs for themselves. That said some books have sort of ‘Well no duh’ things in them and some are really useful. Is this book going to give me anything I wouldn’t get/know by watching 5 episodes of the show?

I’m not throwing ■■■■ at the book or system. No place around here carries them on shelves so I have no way to know how good they are, or what’s in them with out the help of those that already have them.

  1. How’s the art?

If those that have the book could help me out I would appreciate it.

I hope I can answer some of the questions and then point toward a right direction with the rest:

  1. My copy is hardback (from Amazon) as far as all other books has been hardbacks so far, I suppose this might be a glitch, but maybe also paperbacks are out too, someone from Modiphius team, help ?

  2. The following classes are included (I hope it is not big spoiler, in case yes, admins please let me know I will delete immediately): Daedalus, NX, Constitution Refit, Hermes, Oberth, Sydney, Centaur, Ambassador, Nebula, New Orleans, Olympic, Steamrunner, Norway, Saber, Sovereign, Luna) and some shuttles (Type-F, Work Bee, Type-6, Type-7, Type-8, Type-9, Type-10, Federation Attack Fighter).

  3. In regards of the usability I suggest to look into the review by Mephit on the Continuing Mission.

  4. I love the art of all the Modiphius STA books so far including this one.

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All the supplements are hardcover. No plans for softcover releases. (notwithstanding the box sets coming out, anyway). Amazon listing Command SB as paperback is an error.

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Regarding Q3 - I have all the expansion books (not the mission books) and they are all useful. The Operations book was slightly less useful than the Command book, mainly due to the Red Alert rules at the back (personal opinion) replacing perhaps a larger equipment section or any additional ships.

Q4 - The artwork and the fluff/flavour is great though, and the overall content is good. Worth getting the Core book, and if it catches your fancy the expansions are good.

Personal ranking for the expansions;
Beta Quadrant #1
Command Division #2
Operations Division #3


To me this is spot on. Beta Quadrant offers lots of new species to play as, Command has several new ships, Ops has a couple new devices.

I got the print Core book + pdf bundle, which is a very good deal. Much recommended.

Thank you all very much for the assist. Got information here and on Facebook (Thanks again Jim!) and purchased the book.

I very much appreciate it.

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You’re welcome. Hope you enjoy the book!

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It arrived yesterday and I’ve been devouring it. Great stuff in there.

Ordered the Operations book today.

My wife’s going to kill me. lol


My suggestion:
Bind her to a chair, let her watch a Star Trek marathon of your preferred seasons/movies and bring her to your gaming group. Perhaps we could assimilate her into Trekie collective, too!?

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