Science Division supplement

Does anyone know when we’ll see the last division book? Last update I saw (which was, admittedly, a while ago in February this year) said Q3. Seeing as it’s now November and most certainly no longer Q3, I was hoping someone might have an update.

I am not a Modiphius employee, but when they announced the Operations Division book, they said:

Those of you eager for more can expect The Sciences Division supplemental rulebook to follow in friendly local gaming stores in January, with the Alpha, Gamma and Delta Quadrant sourcebooks released throughout 2019.

It’s possible that that schedule is no longer true, but that’s the last I heard.

Really looking forward to the Science Division book myself. Hopefully it won’t be pushed further.

More news real soon.

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I sincerely hope it won’t be a light brushing of the Science Division, similar to the dusting of the Operations Division book. Now, I know SFE aren’t technically canon, but I applaud their inclusion, nonetheless. As for the S31 DREK, I wish that concept would dry up and blow away. Yes, I know a lot of folks like it, but I don’t, and I get my opinion registered too! Even grumpy old Tellarites deserve attention now and then! Grumph!


I do hope it’s a nice deep dive into the -science- division. it’d be really easy to fluff word count with a bunch on Medical. And while medical ‘is’ important… Star Trek Medicine is by and large “hand waveum”

I mean didn’t McCoy give an old lady a pill that regrew her kidney in about 10 minutes? Dermal regenerators heal grievous cuts in a few seconds. How? “Technology” (Magic).

Now that’s absolutely not Modiphius’ fault. It’s really not. But 60 pages on "Starfleet’s medical is the best in the galaxy and the bench mark from which all others are judged’ and just… fluffed more and more with all the things they’ve already cured or what have you would be a hella waste of space.

Our char’s aren’t actually going to be “DOING” anything medical that’s new and inventive. They have spine replacements and such already. Cloning, etc. So at most it’ll be “Roll dice to perform Magical life saving procedure” type stuff. Out side of first aid in the field, it’s not going to be all that exciting. So we don’t need tooooons of page space devoted to that aspect.

Focus on the Science and exploration aspects please. I’m not saying ignore the medicine. It’s nice and I’m sure it has it’s spot. But look at your page count (Seems to be about 130) and think “What’s going to be USED by Rpers??”

The Ops book is nice but the last 20 pages being a direct reprint of rules we had already and for free?
I know that … displeased a lot of people. That could have been 20 pages of the Engineering gear that was promised, or… pretty much anything else.

Personally I don’t use mini’s so 20 pages in a 120 page book ( A sixth of the entire content) that is useless to me stung. Even more so because the rules were already there to be had previous.)

So… not yelling or stomping my feet. I’m just asking that Science/Medical not make -that- mistake again.:smiley:


I suspect this one will have a lot of scanning and research rules, something the system excels at but could always do with expansion. I wouldn’t expect to see much on the Medical division, simply because a lot of the fluff for Science would also apply to them. I would expect world, lifeform and mystery generation tools - as others have said, we do need these.

Also, I’m hoping for some material on other science organisations, such as the Vulcan Exploration Group, spaceborne lifeforms, and maybe something on the conferences science officers are constantly attending - not very interesting of themselves, but prime locations for social and murder mysteries.

@JohnnyRico: To be fair, the Red Alert rules were explicitly a preview of the rules in the Ops Division book. Maybe they made a mistake putting everything in the preview, but given Modiphius’ focus on skirmish rules it’s understandable.

I don’t use minis either, but the squad rules work for any fight involving larger numbers of opponents, and I’m seriously considering adapting them to give an intermediate detail level for multi-starship combat. (The rulebook version is too detailed and the Command version far too skimpy for me!)

@Erosthenese: If by SFE you mean Starfleet Corps of Engineers - they are canon. Referenced several times in the later shows :slight_smile: The Ops Book made S31 actually more interesting for me - and I love the page on what they might actually be…

Scientists have been really poorly represented in modern Trek. I’d love to see a more defined structure to the scientific departments. We have Life Sciences which includes biology and medical, but what else? We have chemistry, geology, biology and pathology labs - do they all have their own departments, a dedicated officer, or just technicians supervised by the science officer? We have historians, anthropologists, archaeologists, and sociologists so are those life sciences or a separate department of social sciences and if so, who supervises those disciplines?

I recall that FASA split them into stellar sciences, Planetary sciences, physical sciences, life sciences, and Social sciences.


I only remember SFE from books, so - my bad. I am a dedicated Star Trek fan, but due to massive time commitment to work and family, I still have not seen all of Voyager, or ENTERPRISE (hangs head in abject chame).

Science is a long slog (extended task) of dismal failure, collecting info and a little success now and again. I can see where “including more science” could be very difficult. Personally, I hope they include more science related talents, perhaps even a method for specializing in areas of study. Yes, OK, I see the benefit for a character having a more generalized approach, in game. But I have a hard time seeing characters knowing detail about extremely minute bits of information of everything. OK, so TNG portrayed Geordi LaForge coming up a particle or beam to solve every problem (A sort of particle of the week club) - which would assume a vast knowledge of advanced physics. Rather makes sense for a Chief Engineer of a starship, so I never complained too much about it, although others have!
What about an extended task system specifically aimed at science research?
A system for researching scientific papers, and for characters to author papers, allowing them the chance for advancement and fame inside the science community.

The Research and Development section of the core book has something like that.

I’m really looking forward to more talents, and hopefully most of them aren’t limited to extended tasks.

Right, I know that. I was referring to an expanded or alternate version.

That’s what Focuses are for :slight_smile:

If it goes to trend, I’m assuming the pre-order and pdf come out sometime this month/early next month? Pretty sure I read it’s due for full release in Feb next year?

Shame there isn’t really a conveniently timed release around Christmas, but can’t complain about a fairly steady schedule!

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Nothing to be ashamed of. I keep trying to watch DS9 (which I know is a great series) but I keep stopping to hit up VOY and TNG because that’s what I grew up on. And Enterprise is great, or at least I think so.

As far as the books go, I also hope we don’t see further delays. I’m looking forward to starting a new campaign in the next month or so with some friends, and having the last division book out will make it that much more fun.

It’s been a month, boss-man. We about to go pre-order with this and/or Alpha Quadrant? :wink:


I second this. Was kind of hoping we would have heard something by now. Eager to complete the divisions set

Sciences will happen early 2019. Stay tuned. :slight_smile:


Thanks Jim. Shame that it doesn’t look like anything will be dropping for Christmas, but I’m looking forward to 2019!!

What if I told you… no more pre-orders?