Three More Releases Confirmed for Star Trek Adventures

LONDON, ENGLAND (January 6, 2019): Modiphius Entertainment has confirmed the release date of their upcoming Sciences Division supplement and Alpha Quadrant sourcebook , and announced a brand new missions book entitled Strange New Worlds.

The Sciences Division supplement will round off the series of three supplements that give players and gamemasters guidance on the three Starfleet divisions: command, operations, and sciences. Inside the Science Division supplement players can find a detailed exploration of the sciences division, covering the science and medical departments, Starfleet Exploratory Division, Starfleet Science, and Starfleet Medical. There is also an exploration on including fan-favorite Q in your campaign. The book also contains new options for science-based characters, as well as science and medical equipment not yet covered by the game. Gamemasters have new rules for creating truly alien beings, like aliens made up of energy or different elements, as well as new rules for diseases. There are also non-player character statistics for famous scientific luminaries like Carol Marcus, Noonian Soong, and Zefram Cochrane.

The Sciences Division hardcover supplement is priced at £24.99/$34.99 USD, available in both print and PDF direct from from February 19, and friendly local gaming stores shortly after. Fans who purchased the PDF Collection on or will be able to enjoy a PDF copy of the book from February 19.

In July, players will be transported to the Alpha Quadrant with the second quadrant sourcebook for Star Trek Adventures. The Alpha Quadrant sourcebook will focus its sights on starbase Deep Space 9, the Cardassian Union, the Ferengi Alliance, and the Maquis. The book’s cover features original artwork of the first battle of Deep Space 9, with the station defending itself from the Klingon fleet, suggesting that Star Trek Adventures is covering more of the franchise’s timeline as the books are released.

In August, Star Trek Adventures will begin to explore Strange New Worlds with its second mission compendium of the same name . The book will contain 9 original missions to play through, exploring the strangest and most challenging away missions on dangerous planets and weird environments. Strange New Worlds follows These Are the Voyages in providing fans with adventure material for the game from both Star Trek fiction writers such as Christopher L. Bennett ( The Captain’s Oath, Greater Than the Sum ) and roleplay gaming luminaries like Jason Bulmahn ( Pathfinder ).


Those covers for the Alpha Quadrant book and Strange New Worlds are just downright sexy.


Very nice all the way around. Is it christmas yet? :slight_smile:

Just sad there’s such a gap between Science and Alpha Quadrant…

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I know! That means it’ll take even longer to get up to Gamma quadrant for all those fun dominion war battles.

They will probably release Gamma Quadrant before the Delta Quadrant book, simply for that reason.

I truly love you!

Are the missions presented in Strange New Worlds all new, or will it include ones already available in PDF, like Trouble on Omned III or Call Back Yesterday, etc? It’s cool either way, I’d just like to know so I don’t buy the PDFs if they’ll be reprinted in this hardback. :slight_smile:

“Strange New Worlds” will contain 9 all-new adventures.

Don’t know when, if ever, we’ll make print versions of the PDF standalones.

Good to know, thanks! I’m happy with the PDFs whether they get reprinted or not, and can’t wait for SNW. Just wanted to be sure, so as to avoid potential duplicate purchases. :slight_smile:

Sweet can’t wait to get my hands on them.

I am absolutely looking forward t these releases, but please do not forget about more miniature releases.
We just need some Jem Hadar, Cardassians, Founders and Vorta…

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Been an unconscionably long period since I tried to create an account here, and was, for some weird reason, unable to do so for several months, but it seems that matters have at last been resolved. Very pleased to be able to check in with the gang here, and to hopefully renew acquaintances.

With regard to the release dates for new works - wonderful to read about, but I have some concerns regarding the publication/distribution dates. Having checked with the FLGS a week or so back, they stated that they’ve got nothing in the queue for Star Trek Adventures until December 31st of this year - at which time, it was stated, they’re anticipating the arrival of the Collector’s Edition. I understand that virtually all RPG studios are on a “Well, maybe” schedule as far as publicly accessible material is concerned, but wondering: Are the release dates noted above to be regarded as solid, or in the “Well, maybe” category? Is the person I spoke to at the FLGS working on outdated/inaccurate information, looking in the wrong corners, or do they need to hit Refresh on their Modiphius order form?

In any event, wonderful to be back here, looking forward to Modiphius carrying on a superb iteration of the Star Trek RPG for years to come, and hoping to see more of the gang and our commentary on a regular basis.

It might have to do with Modiphius no longer offering preorders on Star Trek stuff, so distributors may have nothing to list until literally when stock arrives.

Captain Sumek: All thanks for the update. The only real option at this point is to keep an eye on the Star Trek Adventures release dates that Modiphius provides here, or on their actual STA home page, and check with the FLGS dudettes and dudes as to whether the material has actually arrived on schedule. In any event, looking forward very much to Science Division, et al making it in before month’s end. Appreciated.

I’m guessing your FLGS has access to out of date info. The collector’s edition has been available for a while now. I’d call the release dates above as solid as any, esp if you order direct from Modiphius, who I believe gets stuff in their warehouse before the other distributors.