Operations Division supplement

Attention on deck, here is your first look at the Star Trek Adventures: Operations Division supplement which will be reporting for pre-order duty from the 4th September estimated shipping end October/early November. Isn’t it a beaut?FB_IMG_1535127106247


Can’t wait to stand it up next to the Command sourcebook and see 2/3rds of the triptych cover art together.


Really looking forward to the Starfleet Intelligence content. Is the plan to make the pdf version available from 4th September for pre-orders of the physical book, or will it come along a little later?

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Is the Starter Box Set going to go on Pre-Order then too?

Starter box has been up for pre-order for a little while now.

Preorders placed for print copies on Sept 4 get the PDF right away. PDF only sales will happen when the physical book goes on sale in late Oct/Nov.

Tremendous - I’ll notify my boss not to expect too much from me for the rest of that week. I’ve got some espionage to plan for my Bajoran Maquis sympathiser…


Oh wow, usually I get an email about these things :slight_smile: Thanks for the info.

@Modiphius-Jim Do owners of the “all the pdfs” get the early access to the pdf as well as physical preorders?


Indeed they do.

I can’t wait to order this book.

Sweet, 10 days till Starfleet is filled daisy chained warp cores, multiple solar torus have been successfully created, and innumerable alternate realities have been ransacked for additional warpcores

The Vulcan Science Academy is now, to a member, bald and alcoholic from sudden onset existential dread and the knowledge they allowed this to happen.

Now hold my Dew, I’ve got tinkering to do.

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REMEMBER: Support your FLGS! Modiphius will send you the .pdf upon receiving a paid receipt from your FLGS (Snap a photo and e-mail it to them). Your .pdf copy will arrive shortly!


Yes, by all means support your FLGS. Send a pic of your receipt to support@modiphius.com to get your PDF.


I was completely unaware of this! Not that I mind buying directly from websites but in the case of gaming products I do feel guilty not buying from my local store. Nicely done Modiphius.

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I’d support my FLGS if I had one- when you have to drive four hours, I think the “local” part no longer applies…

Then we’re always here for you.

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And I’ll be making good use of your web store Sept. 4!

Does this (pdf release) also include preorders from web-based retailers?

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@Sirok, contact support@modiphius.com with your question about the PDF.