Free Adventures for pre-ordering?

I received the email about the adventure The Gravity of the Crime and it says “Please note those who pre-ordered the Star Trek Adventures Core Book will receive this free and separately as a reward via” I haven’t received any such notice. Is this the first free adventure for the pre-order? I thought there were to be two.

No, it’s the second, iirc. “Call Back Yesterday” was the first, I think.

This is the second. If you haven’t received any of them please email

I wondered when I read the email: I am lucky to own a collector’s edition borg cube now towering over my bookshelf. I am not sure whether it was still a pre-order. I do got the division supplements for free, though. Should I be worried since I did not get Call Back Yesterday / Gravitiy of the Crime?

Should emails for the third adventure have been received by now? One of the recent emails said “Trouble on Omned III” was the third but I haven’t seen anything in my inbox. Wondering if I should mail support or sit tight.

I would say, go ahead and contact them.