Star Trek Adventures Starter Set - Progenerated Characters

Hi all. I have had the Starter Box for quite some time and wanted to print off extra copies of the pregenerated character sheets. My PDF collection only contained Star Beyond The Stars and map PDF’s.

I did find the characters in the Quick Start Rules, but no USS Magellan.

Any pointers please?

Email The digital files for the starter were recently revised. Should have been pushed to dtrpg and sendowl. If you got the files through a humble bundle, the update probably didn’t get to you.

Should the pdfs I’ve bought through Modiplius.US also show up on my DTRPG account?

Did you buy them through DTRPG? If not, no. The Modiphius stores send PDFs through a separate service.

Nope, bought them through Modiphius because I ordered physical product, so I guess I’m stuck with that Sendowl thing, but it’s not showing the PDFs for some of the products, so I thought they might have shown up on Drive-Thru

When in doubt, email customer service at


gregthefreak, you mentioned map PDFs from the Starter Box. I’m curious, which area of space do they map (assuming that they’re star charts at all)?

They’re not star charts. They’re maps for the adventures in the starter set.

Ah, never mind then.