Ouch! These Are the Voyages, Vol. 1 MIA in the States!

I paid an arm and a leg for this book! Cost in the states was roughly the same as ordering from Modiphius direct and having it shipped across the Atlantic!

Any other books going the way of the dodo?

Jim has said previously that all the books are still in print, other the CE of the CRB. It might be the case that you just caught that one between runs (I had a similar problem back along). Did you check the Modiphius US store by any chance?

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Lots in stock at the US store and warehouse… local game stores should be able to order it. If they can’t figure out where to order it, they can contact support@modiphius.com for a list of distributors to order from in US.

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As for other books, at the moment the only books out of print and not going back to print any time soon are the core book collector’s edition, the Klingon collector’s edition, and the Klingon core book (it’s 400 pages and there’s a paper shortage in Europe that makes reprinting it cost-prohibitive).

PDFs of the Klingon book still available, of course.

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Are there hopes of doing any of those once supplies catch up?

Oh… So changing the currency option to US dollars at Modiphius.com doesn’t default one to the US store… whoops… :crazy_face:

I take it Modiphius.us would get me there… because “us” stands for United States… erm… yeah… :melting_face:

Yeah, unfortunately not. There should be a banner at the top of the site suggesting the US store though. Hopefully youll be able to save some latinum next time! :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s a big red banner at the top of the modiphius.net store.

There are always possibilities, though, honestly, print costs and transportation costs are only going up. I don’t see that changing any time soon. Might possibly reprint the standard Klingon core, but the two collector’s editions will almost certainly not get reprinted.