Price point for Star Trek Discovery book

£45 seems excessive for a 228 page book. Especially when the Klingon and Shackleton Expanse books are cheaper and contain 100+ pages more material. Otherwise it looks good.

I think there was a post on here, recently, talking about how much prices have gone up in the last two years, and how that’s gonna cause a price adjustment to several of the books. I suspect that this book is one of the first to reflect that new pricing structure.


I don’t have the post, but I have the quote from Modiphius Newsletter #94 of April 1st:

2022 Price Increases
We’re sure you’re aware that the world has been changing with the onset of the pandemic, sea freight delays, shortages of containers plus rising prices in fuel, paper, plastics and other materials. There’s no way to sugar coat it: prices are going up across the industry. Production costs and freight costs have actually been dramatically rising over the last couple of years and to varying degrees we’ve been absorbing these, but this has got to the point where we will now have to pass on some of these costs.

From 1st May 2022 our prices will be rising almost across the board. For some products, the increases will be minimal since they were costed more recently with the higher manufacturing and shipping costs factored in, but for others there could be a rise in the region of 10%. So, if you want to bag something at the current price, before the increase hits, make sure to place your order before 1st May!

I concur with @bcholmes, this is probably the first book with the new pricing structure.


A depressing fact of life

[quote=“MisterX, post:3, topic:17796, full:true”]I concur with @bcholmes, this is probably the first book with the new pricing structure.

This is correct.


Its pricey, but at least Modiphius throws in the PDF for free.


I hope they don’t increase the price of the “pdf only” version because the price of the physical copy has increased.

I guess that’s going to come down to a question of where the costs lie.

If the increase is purely down to the cost of printing, I would hope not.
If the increase (or part of it) comes down to a factor of “I and my staff would like a wage which remains consistent and reflects the cost of living” then increases may be inevitable.

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but money doesn’t exists anymore in Startrek. :stuck_out_tongue:
I suspect Ferengi have made an hostile takeover on modiphius.
if it wasn’t so expensive I would have called the Ferengi Commerce Authority :stuck_out_tongue:

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Reasons are detailed in the quote MisterX provided above.

If only we actually lived in the Federations society as opposed to what we’re in now.