Klingon Core Rulebook free pdf

I’ve got a physical copy of the Klingon core book, but I purchased it through a third-party vendor (Shiny Games, shinygames.uk). Is it possible for me to get the free pdf, or is that only available when you get the book direct from Modiphius?

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Email support@Modiphius.com with proof of purchase and they can normally get you sorted out. :+1:


Yeah, Modiphius is really awesome with this kind of thing, I really can’t fault them or praise them well enough. When you get the PDF, just put a good word in for them with your friends. They go quite a bit further than other companies might.

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No matter where you bought it from, you’re able to get the free PDF. Just hit up support@modiphius.com.

Flea market, used bookstore, stealing a copy from the High Council’s library*, bought new, gift from Auntie Entity, eBay, whatever. Buy the physical edition? Grab that free PDF action.

*Don’t steal books, esp not from the High Council.


I find the idea of getting a book from Tina Turner ridiculously appealing…

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