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Important information about purchasing from another source and getting free PDF

If you purchase a copy of any Modiphius book from any retailer and would like a free PDF copy of that book or if you purchase a PDF copy from any source and decide you want a hard copy of the book at a discount, please contact with a copy of the receipt and we will take care of it for you.


this is a good new! really i love to play with hardcopy on hand but sometines i cannot take em everywhere i go as i could with the smartphone or the tablet. :japanese_ogre:

This is awesome !
And this is unfortunately what the (otherwise great) guys at DnDBeyond can’t be able (or willing ?) to do, they make us buy the same books twice, once in real harcover, and once more in PDF :roll_eyes:

Hasbro… what more to say.

Hello! New player and Modiphius fan here. I only just got into Star Trek Adventures (after buying the physical core book from your store) and, against my better judgment, want to at some point purchase most of the other supplement books physically rather than just PDFs. To be on the safe side, I want to ask if this option still exists, and if it applies to foreign shops as well. I have a couple (local) gift cards leftover that I’m not otherwise using, so I want to get the books (including the Science Division which is out of stock here) from a local (Dutch) webshop. Having PDF copies alongside the books however would be quite handy.

It is, indeed, still in effect and it doesn’t matter where in the world you are.

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Thanks so much! I can’t believe such a deal actually exists. You all have definitely earned my praise.