Star Trek Starter Set Tokens

Hey Mōdiphiüs,

Could you please format the starter set tokens PDFs so we could print them on something like Avery’s Presta® 94500 labels? The labels are the right size and count, but not as closely spaced as the token PDF.

EDIT: Missed a letter (a → as)

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I printed the Red Alert tokens from the ops book on full sheet label paper, mounted it to chipboard, then sliced tokens manually. With the round tokens for the starter, you might need a punch or something to get them clean cut, but it’s doable. I’m looking at doing something similar to produce some Klingon Momentum and Threat tokens.

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I know doing it that way is possible, but requires one to buy a punch. Going thru all of that, it really isn’t “print-n-play” is it? If the tokens where set up where I can print them onto the precut labels, I could then just stick them onto some plastic chips.

I know of ways around this, but anything to make this easier I see as a boon. I could be wrong, but this seems like it could be something that on Mōdiphiüs’ side would be low effort.

You could also rearrange the images yourself before printing. :slight_smile:

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I know that is an option, but not every one knows how to do that.

Heck, I even not use the tokens at all.