Threat and Momentum Tokens

Anyone know where to buy these? Modiphius has been out of stock forever.

Until they’re back in stock, you might try buying the Starter Set PDF from At the very least, it has a PDF of the tokens that you can print and cut out in the meantime. It should have both the print-friendly B&W version and the color version.

Not a great substitute but at least it’s a temporary solution.

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The acrylics were made for the Borg cubes and weren’t commercially available other than at cons. There are no plans to remake them other than as punchboard tokens like in the starter set and tricorder set.

I use red glass gaming beads for threat/doom. I use a 2" d6 for momentum. It is clearly visible to all players and maxes at 6. The players just spin the die down as they use momentum or spin it up as they add to the pool. The die sliding around the table during the action actually helps add to the tension in the session. I find it works better for me than tokens.

I’d love to find a Starfleet blue 2" d6 with com badge shaped pips and a blood red one with pips shaped like the Klingon trifoil. hint hint :grin:


That is quite disappointing to hear, Jim, but thanks for the answer.

Red and blue poker chips are also abundantly available.

I use red and white poker chips myself. Mainly because I had a bunch that I used as “stones” for the underrated diceless The Marvel Universe Roleplaying Game.

That’s actually a great idea!
There are wooden dice of various sizes widely available for crafting. Just (spray)paint. :slight_smile:
(I actually have one sitting on my desk for months now and think whether I should do this myself.)

Jim just gave me the bad news that Modiphius has NO PLANS to reprint the clear plastic Momentum and Threat chips everyone has been looking for! I guess that means we’re stuck with colored poker chips!
(they are NOT available on ebay!)

He told us so in this very thread on Aug 19. :wink:

Yet, there are still

And also dice. Use a blue d6 for Momentum and a red d20 for Threat.


I use a 2" Blue d6 with silver pips for STA momentum. I have a black with red pips for Conan.

I have yet to find a large d20 that is very stable on the table. But I am looking.

Code 47: Spence, I use 3 colored poker chips. Red for Threat, blue for Momentum, white for Determination.

Interestingly enough, I just saw these advertised as a set on the Modiphius US website for order, so I bought a set! These look like the ones that came with the Borg set. Upthread, it was mentioned that they were never sold separately, but clearly, I was able to order them.

They were available separately by mail order from Modiphius (I got a set), but not via stores.

Except, above, I was told explicitly that they were only available in the Borg cube set and at cons, and not otherwise commercially available.

Maybe Jim got it wrong. I bought mine mailorder from Modiphius, as I stated.

Nope, didn’t get it wrong. The US warehouse found a few sets left over from GenCons past so we put them up on the store to sell off.

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Which are now all gone.

And wow, a non-cussword meaning sad gets over written with blocks

I’m seeing six sets left on the US store: Star Trek Adventures: Momentum and Threat Token Set

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Correction: 5 remaining. I snagged a set as I have been wanting them for quite some time. Thanks for providing the link @Modiphius-Jim! They are now on the way! :smiley:

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