Momentum & Doom Tokens

Just getting all my books now and I was curious about the doom and fortune tokens that are advertised in the back of the books. Are these actually available for sale yet? I can’t seem to find them listed on the Modiphius site or anywhere else. I realize I can just use poker chips or whatever, but I’d like something more interesting. I did find some cool looking replica tin pirate coins on amazon and ordered them so that should do the trick. But I was wondering if there are official tokens floating around somewhere.

Other cool tokens to use are rune reading stones.

I use decorative black rocks and a glass bowl for my doom. Active doom goes into the bowl and has a nice satisfying (read terrifying for the players) clinking sound. I actually ordered cheap plastic treasure coins to represent momentum and small oriental coins to represent fortune. It has worked out really well but I definitely do recommend getting something separate to represent each pool.

During playtesting, I used poker chips for Momentum, Fortune, and Doom.

Then my style evolved, and now I use little plastic skulls for Doom instead.


I use little ceramic skull beads for Doom. :smiley:

Little metal coins for Fortune

Little white glass decorative beads for momentum.

As a follow up, I received my pirate coins in the mail yesterday. They came in three colors: silver, black, and gold, with 10 of each. So I think I’m in business, though I’m still checking hobby stores for little skull beads or tokens to use for doom.

I play online and use Jolly’s mod in Fantasy Grounds for the doom and momentum.

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If you are going to use a bowl or something I recommend a glass bowl and making sure that the beads/tokens you use have a little heft so they make a nice satisfying sound when you drop them in :slight_smile:

Hyrkanian – I’m curious about the pirate coins you found. Do you have a link to what you bought? (If not for a John Carter game, maybe I can use them elsewhere.)

Sure; here you go:

They area bit smaller than I thought they’d be (they are slightly bigger than quarters), but they will do the trick.

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I personally will be using those decorative glass rocks or beads or whatever that people put in glass bowls or vases. I have a TON of them that I got at a craft store for markers for a different game. I have a whole bunch that are smaller and transparent purple I will be using for Doom, some white ones that I will use for Momentum and each player will have their own chosen color for fortune.

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Those coins are awesome! Can be used to represent the gold coins in the game as well :slight_smile: