Themed tokens, momentum, threat etc

I currently use colored poker chips but man it would be cool to have themed tokens. Certainly not necessary but I’m just looking for something else to spend money on :joy:

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We are very tempted to make tokens, but there are a lot of options.

I’d love to hear what you’d all like to see.
What sort of quality, quantity and design would people like?

Plastic chips like in the Star Trek starter set?
Cardboard punch tokens?
Poker chip style?

What sort of designs would you like?
Specific threat, momentum, determination tokens
House sigil designs you can use for whichever you like (like House Harkonnen logo you can use for threat or to mark your assets etc?

Would you want to buy cheaper small packs of just one type of token, or a larger more expensive pack with all the tokens you need in one?

Any other ideas/designs?


I’d want something decent quality rather than cardboard punch tokens.
I rather liked the TORG poker style chips for possibilities which had a decent weight behind them so I would prefer that personally.
Ideally a touch smaller as there are more of them, but that sort of complication to the manufacturing process pushes prices up and I’m not that worried about the size.

For designs I would probably go with Green Atreides symbol, Red Harkonnen & Purple Corrino for me to use for Momentum, Threat & Determination respectively.
That could then be expanded with other logos (BG (Black?), Spacing Guild (White?), IX (Gold/Metallic?), etc) in future expansions if they are popular.

For the pack sizes I would want sets of 6 of each token, maybe with a ‘set pack’ of all 3.
The reason for the individual sets is that while Threat & Momentum will most likely only require 6 Determination could be much higher. A party can easily start with 7 if some players have the Unquestionable Loyalty talent.


I use digital tokens, so don’t mind me, but if there will be Physical tokens (I’d buy as a collectable / coffee table trinket), please make sure they are Accessible for visually impaired, like embossed with distinct texture (letterforms) for touch, and distinctively colored with best-practices minded towards color blindness.

For Accessibility reasons, my Design request is a huge embossed and high-contrast bold colorized “M” on Momentum token, differently colored “T” on Threat token.

Digital Mock-up in my Roll20 DUNE campaign... You'd be able to tailor the design to DUNE (TM), keep the Large Legible Letter principle..

Note I don’t have the aforementioned tokens of other games, this DUNE is my first 2d20 game to get into in my gaming life.

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I’d love to see maybe heavy plastic, possibly clay. Colored for the different currencies. Maybe with some art or scheme from the various IPs. Kind of like premium plastic poker chips. Shape I don’t care too much about. Square, circle, triangle. I suppose whatever fits the IP better. I do like the house sigil idea a lot for Dune specifically.

Definitely not plastic though. Something cool I can put on a shelf or on my table.

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As far as numbers go to think 20 of each would cover it. I suppose you could go with 10 momentum but I’d prefer to have extra. Mainly just in case they get lost, or broken, eaten by dog or whatever (and I’d need more than 6 for excess momentum even if it is only temporary) Maybe there could be an option to buy individual chip types for replacement? But the initial 20 of each I’d personally prefer all in on e package.

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Helpful stuff guys.
I’m thinking packs of ten and we have so many symbols to choose from its nice to hear you might like a selection.

Very good point about visually impaired gamers.
Embossing may prove too expensive (but worth looking into)
but we can certainly address colour mixtures.