Virtual Table Top Tokens

Hello all,
I just uploaded all these tokens I’ve prepped for my roll20 game, unfortunately they’re not to scale, and there are a couple I will redo but they may be useful for any Virtual Table Top games you may be playing.


Thanks for linking to these token images–very nicely done. I particularly like the faction-specific alert tokens. Most of this will very easily convert to PnP table-top resources as well.


Thanks for that, if you can find a use for any then I am happy, be it virtual or if you’re lucky enough for it to be in person, just figured it might save some GMs a LOT of time making them themselves.

Very nice - I’ve been using this style of token printed on cardboard discs instead of miniatures (more portable and wind-resistant - not to mention cheaper!).

I’m looking at doing something slightly more generic for my games in future (rank and department colour-based), and will look at making those available if they work!

I’m not familiar with the online gaming world - do the Alert tokens have a specific purpose?

In my game they’re to denote minor, notable or major npcs that do not fit into one of the factions.

Ah, I see. Good solution!

Just to let anyone who’s interested know I believe all NPCs from all books who would be alive in the 24th century and are in the source books should now be uploaded too. This includes the new Gamma Quadrant and Voyager books.

Oops just realised I had reorganised ships can be found here -

Character tokens can be found here -


Very nice Balzan, thank you for sharing.