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Token Borders Pack - Star Trek Adventures

TNG: Enlisted, Officers, Admirals
TOS: Officers, Admirals
ENT: Enlisted, Officers, Admirals, NX Flight Suit Variants
Factions: Vulcans, Dominion, Klingon, and more


Awesome, Thanks for sharing

WOW these are cool!! Thanks a lot!!

That looks cool, but how do we use them and what is the utility?
(hope I’m not the only one who wonders, it will make me feel less lonely)

@betatester take an image of a character and place it within the ring. then, you get a flat token to move around on game boards :slight_smile:

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I do most of my gaming in Virtual Table Tops (roll20, Foundry, etc). Flat tokens are the only thing we got going for us. lol

But MisterX hit the nail on the head…Toss some Character art in the token border you want and BOOM! Smexy VTT token

I’ve also used things like these, printed, glued to washers and clear coated for when I’m feeling cheap or don’t want to drag a bunch of minis somewhere