Future miniatures?

What plans are there for additional or expanded miniatures, for personnel? I know the ships are not going to be released as miniatures, but there is a lot of scope with further figures, both Federation and enemies (Dominion, for example)

I’m wondering the same. The TOS range could use some villains and the Enterprise era could use some crew. I think it’s possible to do some conversion work on the TNG figures and put them in flight suits though.

I would even like to see the availability for various legs Torso / Heads / Arms so you can customise your characters more. Only really need different torsos for the different eras


Hey guys! There are some miniatures coming up, we’re just in the final stages of development and will be announcing soon. Don’t worry, the Original Series is going to get some love!


Any chance of getting different variations on uniforms aside from TOS and 2371? I am hoping for 2373+ and TWOK movie uniforms.
Also any chance of other crews, such as DS9, Voyager, Enterprise or even Discovery :frowning:

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I would love to get my hands on some Wrath of Khan-Undiscovered Country Era uniforms! And the 2373+ as well!

However, Discovery is out of the question unless their license changes.

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I would second the earlier post about swapping arms. It would be nice to be able to have something besides weapons, or big valise sized cases. My goal is to have three sets of every one of the TNG era characters, so I can paint them in each of the department colors to give me more variety.

So we have had Star Trek Villians confirmed as a miniatures release, along with Romulan, Borg and “Lost Colonies” Geomorphic Tiles…

Can we get Dominion, too?

Unfortunately, Sisko defeated them all…