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Timeline for new miniature releases?

The miniature sets so far seem pretty nice. I’m a little sad that the only TOS era set so far is the bridge crew, its nice, but a better mix of miniatures for away teams, or even TOS uniformed romulans or klingons would be fun too.


Patience. All in good time. :slight_smile:


Very well, still looking forward to any announcements though :smiley:

How about a mix of roguish Ferengi with a Daimon, Orions and some Gorn, and possibly Tholian?

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I know we’re expecting villains and a TOS Landing Party, and I recall something about minis of the crew of the Sally Ride. Any chance of some Cardassians, maybe Bajoran militia, to go with the upcoming Alpha Quadrant book?

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The TOS away team and some iconic villains seem on the way:
10 highly detailed, 32mm scale, unpainted resin miniatures of an Original Series Starfleet away team for use with Star Trek Adventures the tabletop roleplaying game. This set contains one male officer and one female officer of the Andorian, Denobulan, Tellarite, and Vulcan species, as well as two male humanoid miniatures.
8 highly detailed, 32mm scale, unpainted resin miniatures of iconic Star Trek villains for use with Star Trek Adventures the tabletop roleplaying game. This set contains Khan, The Borg Queen, Q, Locutus of Borg, Gul Dukat, Lore, General Chang, and the Gorn Captain.

Are they already announced my Modiphius???

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What is the timeline possible release dates for Cardassian, Jem Hadar, etc as posted future interest. Be great to have seven of nine borg version and starfleet version. Also release date for borg tiles please


Any news on future minis?

I would love to see DS9, Dominion minis…

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Yes! News please! I need to buy more miniatures to assemble but never paint :rofl::rofl:

The borg still need their tiles, how much longer
Several months on still no response on any new figures…is there any life out there

Sorry, no news to share on future miniature releases or tile releases.

When and if we see more minis, they’ll be most welcome. Until then, Heroclix at least gives us some Cardassians and Ferengi to add to what Modiphius provides.

Heya Jim, when might we hear some news about any releases? Last information advised Delta would be out this month and some pdfs but nothing else.

Also can’t help but notice your change in handle, do we need to be worried we’ll be losing you and/or STA is wrapping up?

My change in handle? I’m still the line manager. I’m also playtesting Fallout and I guess that supersedes other labels, lol. I didn’t even notice. Fixed it back to staff.

More news when it comes. Modiphius is a bigger company now than it was and the marketing team balances news across all the product lines. It’s not just AC and Conan and Trek now.

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Hoping for more minis. I’m almost finished painting my Away Team, Klingons, TNG Crew and Romulans sets. I might have to go back to painting Dungeons and Dragons miniatures. Can you imagine?

Any word on the iconic villains coming back into stock? I missed out on them when they were first released.

Where are you in the world? US Amazon’s showing them in stock.

I’m in Canada. I hadn’t considered looking for them on Amazon. I’ll take a look. Thanks.