New STA Miniatures

Okay, this is exciting, but where’s the press release guys? :grin:


A case where the market beat Modiphius to the punch. The sets have been listed in the back-of-the-book ads for about a year now. The sets hitting the market and the press release would reveal the pictures, though.

Enjoy! I can’t wait to get my hands on them. More painting fun to come.


I don’t know why but PHD games website isn’t loading for me.

Is there a Tellerite female?

I’d like to see a female figure with pants, a la Number One from Pike’s ship.

And other than a couple of the figures, how are the Iconic Villains Original Series?

I think that’s “Original Series Landing Party” & “Iconic Villains”.

Well, looking at the boxes, it appears to be a TOS style box that they are in. Maybe it is just a mock-up.

The box designs are CBS’s new branding. You’ll see a lot of licensors use that design in products this year. TOS just seemed to fit the two sets. Definitely the TOS landing party; the villains set is a mix of villains from across the IP. I guess the artist went with TOS to give the TOS fans a little love. :slight_smile:

I do feel like klingons and vulcans were focussed on too much in TOS and TNG (in the shows and not minis nessisarily), glad to see some andorians and a tellarite in the new set.

The villains set is like… only one TOS mini? The gorn. And yeah some motion picture era foes like khan and… that klingon. The others are TNG era villains, still cool though.

Oh, and I would like to see a set of TOS era Klingons.
The current Romulans are fine, maybe a slightly different paint job.


TOS didn’t really have recurring foes/antagonists/foils in the way later shows did (nobody really comparable to Q, Lore, Gul Dukat, or the Borg Queen), and Khan wasn’t really iconic until the movies… and that kind of iconic villain isn’t really something Star Trek did in general until the movies.

A lot of the reason TOS doesn’t generally get as much showing in the artwork, aesthetics, etc., for the game is simply that there’s just less TOS material to work with.

Well I would say there are less recurring villains in TOS, that doesn’t mean they aren’t iconic. The half white/black people, the big head aliens from the cage, or the also-big-headed aliens from the empath episode. The arena warriors with the episode where the three brains keep betting on stuff. The andromedans who get caught up in human vice. Many iconic villains to choose from. or even just iconic friends, like balok with some Tranya.

While they are certainly memorable, I can’t see using many of them much if at all in my games. A few of those could ve seen later, but for the most part, their stories have been told.

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I mean, how many people are going to use Kirk and crew in their games vs just collecting the minis? I have the TOS bridge crew and don’t think I"ll ever really use them in a game.

And they are hideous! (Just my opinion of course, but … ugh!)

I got them for display - and frankly at that price, my players are never getting their grubby mitts on them! (I use counters anyway.)

The thing with many TOS-era aliens is that they are basically humans with oddly coloured clothes, hair and skin (not even bumpy foreheads in most cases). Many standard fantasy minis may be adaptable.

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Yeah, but that’s why we need an entire Gorn strike team instead of just the Gorn captain. But then again you gotta balance whether people are actually going to buy it… Maybe some low-production miniatures could be created and sold through a 3d printing thing like Shapeways.

Or perhaps the .stl files so we can print them ourselves.

My bridge crew are going to painted differently so I can re-purpose them as PC’s or NPC’s.
As will the Iconic Villains. I don’t need Kahn, but I might be able to come up with an adventure for somebody that looks like that.

Yep. I’d rather have a nice set of 3/4" or 1" counters in color than minis. Especially if said counters also have a nice wet-erase &/or dry-erase marker compatible finish.

You can produce those counters easily yourself with:

  • cardboard (the back of a writing pad works fine),
  • counters printed on paper (200g/sqm works fine even with counters 3" in diameter; I use these for e.g. dragons in D&D), glued on both sides of the cardboard,
  • self-adhesive foil you would normally use to protect books in.

The paper is too heavy for most printers, but your friendly local copy-shop should have machines that are capable of printing on that paper, too. The use of heavy paper is crucial, though, because that way the glue won’t make it transparent and it gives the counter stability.

To the Americans: Sorry for use of the metric system, I just have no idea how it translate to yours.

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A co-worker of mine used a circle-punch to cut out pictures of crewmembers from the old Star Trek CCG cards to use as counters.

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@MisterX If I wanted to do it, I would have asked how to make them. (I knew how, anyway. it’s a major hassle.)
I don’t want to make them, I want to buy them, ready to use.

Given that 3 of the 5 most popular games have made money on sets of them, and a 4th has some available driving sales of overlapping beginner product… (Separate Sets: D&D - 3rd party pogs, esp. Fiery Dragon; Pathfinder; Starfinder. FFG Star Wars has 4 beginner boxes with a sheet each.) Die-cutting 1" rounds generally leaves 3-5mm between each, especially to keep bleed zone for the images.