Announcements made at ModCon 06 Dec 2020

  • The license now includes Discovery and Picard
  • Shackleton Expanse campaign in Q2 2021
  • TOS Tricorder box set in Q3 2021

Is there a VOD anywhere, where I can re-watch what I’ve missed on the weekend? There were some panels about GM’ing, if I remember the announcements correctly… :wink:

And now, regarding the hype train: Wheeee! :smiley:

The TOS Tricorder box set is something akin to the Borg Cube Collector’s Edition? Did they say anything about that?

Yes something like that. A digest size rulebook with lore only to TOS area, dice, sheets, a box that looks like a tricoder from TOS, and it’ll be wearable probably.


Replay is here:


Thanks for the link. Didn’t see that from the Modiphius main page.

Cool. Discovery license so now Michael Burnham can maneuver to take credit for everything your players accomplish, just like she did from Spock! Nice! /sarcasm. :slight_smile:

Actually, I’m very glad they have this, I’m a completionist and there are cool things in both series despite my general antipathy for the focus/plots so far.

Great news. Does this mean we’ll be getting a product detailing the Klingon ships of Discovery?