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Star Trek Picard/Discovery

With the announcement that STA has been authorized to expand into ST:Discovery and St: Picard, will there be updated themed rule books like what is being offered in the TOS themed Tricorder Bundle? A cleanup of the original errata or updated formatting to the cleaner version of rules from the new Klingon rulebook?

I am also interested in seeing how Modiphus is going to integrate Discovery and Picard now that they have the license to do so.

Well, an era-sourcebook was requested many times over at the Official Product Wishlists Part I and Part II. With now (at least) six eras (being ENT, DIS, TOS/TAS, TOS-movies, TNG/DS9/VOY/TNG-movies and PIC) within the scope of STA, there’s definetly enough material to come up with such a book.

Slightly off topic: Is Picard canon?


If it aired on TV or if it was shown on a movie screen, it’s canon. :slight_smile:


Thanks. That’s some pretty dark stuff for Star Trek.

Lower Decks! Lower Decks!


I hope they keep the “grim grim dark evil/mutiny/murder is OK” stuff and separate in its own books so it can be ignored.

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Well. This comes from someone who has not watched neither DIS nor PIC: There’s been plenty occurances of “evil/mutiny/murder” is okay. I’m looking at DS9, especially and while I truly love Star Trek for the moral questions it addresses, DS9 is my favourite series. But there are questionable actions all over Star Trek.

That being said, I hope that they do keep it abstract for the most parts and always include advice on how to stage something written for a specific era in another era, including, now, DIS and PIC. :slight_smile:

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Well, you need to watch a bit to see. Yes, DS9 touched on the themes. It showed a lot of interesting stories with Starfleet dealing with the rest of the universe. Trying to keep to the ideals while confronted with the non-ideal.

STD and PIC literally dump on all of the Trek themes and glorify the scumbags. I know the trend in current TV/Movies is to find the criminal or drug addict and call them the hero while vilifying anyone else. But it simply isn’t Trek as in ENT/TOS/TNG/DS9/VOY.

And that doesn’t even mention religious cult space orcs. But I am told that they try to fix them by adding hair and saying the they were Klingons all the time. I haven’t seen those episodes myself, I have barely made it through the start of #3. But all the Trek fans I know that have, were laughing about it and how the show was desperately trying to backpedal.

If you are familiar with Trek, like you seem to be, try a few episodes. But be forewarned. It is bad.

If you have never seen any of the series you may like it. Kind of like people watch Venom and think an alien eating people is the coolest good guy superhero ever…

I’m guessing I will so be banned from here anyway.
Modiphius is a business and can’t afford to anger one of their bigger licenses.

I am just hope the infection is limited to separate books.

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Trek is Trek. I don’t agree that Picard/Discovery should be isolated or segregated just because it doesn’t fit the times in which ToS and subsequently TNG/DS9/Voy were written.

In retrospect, only DS9 bears any current interest for being rebooted by CBS as they analyze popularity and response in targeted interest groups. DS9 carries well into these times… TOS/TNG et al does not carry the appeal, as the waning interest/success of the Trek movies demonstrate.

Trek fans should support Trek stories in all it’s forms. Without their success, STA and the growing fan base would inevitably falter.

And I’ve been a Trekkie since the mid ‘70s.

Yes, I am quite familiar with Trek, as I’ve been a fan for half my life now. The thing I love about it is the restrained, thoughtful approach to problems, always searching the way to cooperate for mutual benefit. Don’t go in all guns blazing, try to, in the evening, be better than you were in the morning.

I remember when ENT came out. I had great expectations and was almost completely disappointed. I did not see anything of what I loved about Trek, there was nothing of the hope TNG and VOY, and even DS9 always spread. I think until today, I have not yet watched every episode (while I had several runs each of esp. TNG/DS9/VOY and most of the movies).

Yet, when I watched some of the episodes this year, almost twenty years after it premiered, I realised that there was all of the above, yet presented differently. ENT is a good show, actually. It might not be as good as TNG or DS9, but nowadays, I can see the Trek.

So, while I heard lots of hate about DIS and PIC, I keep cool, level my expectations and wait what there will be. And if there’s really no Trek in it, it might still be a good show, just like those 2009-onwards movies are cool movies that happen to feature people with trekky names. :wink:

Long story short: “Trek is Trek” and I’m very happy that Modiphius caught the license to now reference virtually everything that is canon.

And even if it is all about the anti-heroes, doing bad things for some so-called “greater good” (which pretty much sums up Insurrection, by the way) STA can profit from advice on how to be an anti-hero in Star Trek. Think of a Maquis-campaign or a group fighting in the Cardassian Resistance against the Dominion. There’s room for Pulp stories in the Trek we know, just think of the Orion Syndicate (or the Ktarians :wink: ).

And if it is no use for our game, since we tell stories of tough decisions, hard choices and the improvement of the situation for everyone involved – we still might use it for a horror-holodeck adventure on halloween.

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Personally, my problem with DIS wasn’t the darkness, it was that they opened up with it.

Tough moral choices, and sometimes risking your career to do the right thing, are an integral part of Trek.

But I don’t think any of us who are GM’s, if we were planning a long campaign, would start the very first session off with one of the PC’s being presented with the option to commit mutiny and start a major war. That’s the kind of thing you save for the end of a long multi-session arc after all the players have fleshed out their characters and have some history going.

Same thing on TV. What Sisko did during “In the Pale Moonlight” is every bit as dark and morally murky as what Burnham does in Discovery. But we knew him for six years and saw exactly how he’d come to the point where he could consider such a thing. We knew Burnham for 20 minutes.

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Oh, that would be totally the thing of at least some of my players. :smiley:
Sounds interesting! (No more spoilers, please. :wink: )

Anyway, I’m really curious on what to expect, too.

Themed adventures? Most likely, as we already have adventures of the ENT/TOS/TNG era (TNG including DS9 and VOY, here, obviously) in the mission compendiums, and also have both TOS and TNG themed standalones. I think @Modiphius-Jim said something about stand-alone Klingon-themed adventures, so I think having DIS or PIC-era standalone adventures is not too far fetched.

Separate Sourcebooks? Probably not, I think, since ENT/TOS/TNG were packed together in the standard rules and Klingons were given a separate sourcebook as they offer a completely different style of play. If the TOS Tricorder does sell, I can imagine further ‘collector’s pieces’ like that, but that’s pure speculation.

Seamless Integration? This is actually what I would place my bets on. If there will be further supplements (I still hope they’ll do one on Starfleet Academy!), I expect them to contain sidebars on how to adapt certain things to the eras of DIS/PIC next to ENT/TOS. Yesterday’s and Tomorrow’s Enterprise. :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to this. DIS wasn’t quite what I was expecting but it has grown on me. Sure it’s darker than most of what we have (or think we have) seen from previous Trek but I have to wonder what the guy who says it glorifies all the scumbags was watching. Some fairly evil folks got some limelight time in both series but I wouldn’t say they were glorified or had their evil actions totally overlooked, especially in Picard. It’s not 60’s style cut and dried morality plays but that really wouldn’t pass muster now anyway. Maybe those who find DIS just too dark will find “Strange New Worlds” more to their liking, I’m looking forward to where it goes.

Of the three current ST shows, that’s the one I’m most interested in, and set in the era I’m most interested in too.

Going back to the OP, I personally hope modiphius don’t rush into releasing a source book for either of these. It would be better to release one with as complete a set of information as possible.

That said, dropping in a few useful element - crew pdfs, stats for the crossfield, etc - would be a good use of the appetite and hype around current series.

I agree, though I hope for a reformatted, errata repaired rulebook in the StatFleet format with Discovery and Picard source material. The rules layout and writing clarity in the Klingon rulebook is excellent, and it’s essentially the same rules

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