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I am writing a DISCO era game set in 2257 at the end of the Klingon War. I’m curious to see who else is!


I’ve always wanted to do a game with a season during the Four Years War, a season during the Cold War, and a season soon after the Organians imposed their treaty. The Discovery version of the Klingon War would work for the first chapter.

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That’s what I am doing, focusing on the developing Cold War between the Federation and the Empire. I am writing the episodes with the Klingons as a foil rather than just 4 color villains. Similar to pre war Dominion. Lots of diplomacy and intrigue.

Great idea! Is anyone making a Picard era campaign.

Hello all, I am BRAND NEW to these boards and for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to post a new Topic…so apologies in advance for a bit a of threadjack…but before I do that…

I really like your idea…and while I haven’t seen Discovery yet, I’m hoping to binge watch it in the near future as TOS as always been my favorite era and I personally rather HATE what they did to Klingons in the New Generation and beyond era…with a few exceptions (I LOVED Martok from DS9…and to me Kor will ALWAYS be the epitome of a Klingon, not some howling, snarling, eating worms nonsense…but I digress)…

My question is this: Does anyone know if there is a list (preferably a bundle I could buy somewhere like Drivethru RPG or here) of Adventures set only in the TOS era? I see all these bundles of adventures, but they are a mix of adventures from all different eras and while I could utilize some DS9 adventures for the RPG campaign I have in mind, TNG and Voyager and Dominion War kind of adventures really don’t fit all that well.


The adventures we’ve published so far that were intended for TOS include:

Standalone PDFs available on DTRPG and
Hard Rock Catastrophe
A Forest Apart

Contained within These are the Voyages
A World with a Bluer Sun

Contained within Strange New Worlds
Plato’s Cave
Drawing Deeply from the Well
No Good Deed
Whole of the Law

The entire TOS-era half of the living campaign

All of the other adventures we’ve published include guidance on how to adapt it for use in other eras, including TOS, so with a little work, almost any adventure can be adapted to TOS.