Has anyone messed around with these campaign concepts?

I was messing around with thinking about starting a Star Trek Adventures game some time in the nebulous future, and I’ve narrowed down a few game ideas that it might be fun to play around with/in. I was wondering if anyone had messed around with the following STA ideas and, if they had, what was there experience and how did it go?

  1. Enterprise Era- The Romulan War. Keeping up with the idea that the Romulans don’t have cloaking devices (TOS-Balance of Terror) and Starfleet never sees the Romulans face-to-face might be challenging, but setting up how the Romulan war was set off, the ins and outs of it, and how it ended might be a real interesting campaign.

  2. TMP era- There are the Romulans again as you can do a story about the hostilities leading up to the treaty of Algernon. The treaty with the earth Romulan war, and finding a way to make the treaty happen.

3)TMP era- A Section 31 game. This would be a deep cut and casual fans might not get it, but given that Star Trek VI has basically been accepted by fans as a section 31 plot, it might be interesting to see the events of the Undiscovered country shake out from Section 31’s standpoint, how they have to go even deeper underground because they got sloppy and caught.

4)TMP/TNG era- A game focused around the Cardassian Boarder wars. We know that Starfleet doesn’t devote all its resources to fighting the ‘cardies’ (because season 1-4 of TNG never mentions them) but it would be interesting to play around with what the Cardassians were doing and the skirmishes that lead up to the DMZ.

  1. TNG Era-A Maquis game . . . why not?

6)Post DS9-Era. Quite frankly, there’s a LOT of stories to mine that pick up right at the end of DS9. The Federation is still courting Bajor to joint them, while simultaneously providing humanitarian aid to their oppressors, the Cardassians. The Cardassians might reject help but need it, there could be tensions from Bajor, people could be pushing for Cardassians reparations . . . lots of interesting material.

This is where my campaign is set. The Federation has to deal with the post Dominion War state. Federation member worlds grow increasingly dissatisfied with the Federation, as it seems that they have been involved in way too many wars (Dominion War, Borg, Klingon War, Tzenkethi War, Cardassian War…). Certain politicians blame this on the Federation being “too big” and thus attracts conflict. Sauria even secedes from the Federation, which causes much chaos and some short-fused reactions from Starfleet.

Other minor powers like the Tzenkethi, Kzinti, Gorn and Talarians try to take advantage on the weakened state of the “primary” powers, and band together in a coalition (orchestrated by the campaign’s big bad). Plus they unofficially support terrorist organizations operating in the Federation.

The plan for my starting campaign is the Earth-Romulan War, as a direct continuation of ENT but following the NX-03 Challenger with the Enterprise and Columbia as important non-player ships. I have already roughly planned the “seasons” and have some loose ideas for handling the Romulans. But it’ll be a while before I can begin.

An earlier idea, as part of learning the game, was to recreate the story from the Bridge Commander video game, set right after DS9, featuring the USS Dauntless and USS Sovereign.

I’m kicking around the idea of a post-ENT campaign, set on an Icarus class during the Romulan/ Earth War.

I really want to explore a post-DS9 federation, especially with problems from Bajorans and Cardassians.

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I have. I’m currently running my players through the Dominion war years aboard the USS Akira
I started them out with the last planned escort mission mentioned in the DS-9 episode “Rules of Engagement”. They got Convoy #7.
I’ve planed for 3 6 episode seasons to coincide with DS-9’s last 3 seasons, and I’m going to switching back and forth between heavy starship combat and noncombat war time episodes.
My first episode was titled “Escort” I know not a very original title.
The second episode I converted an old FASA star trek module to the STA system it was “Lost and Presumed Dead” which they have completed.
The third episode is in progress its titled “Trouble with Breen” The USS Akira is responding to a distress call from the Bajoran colony of Prophets Landing.
The following episodes I will let you know the titles but not any synopsis I don’t want any spoilers for my players.
The 4th episode is titled “Project 375”
The 5th episode is titled “The Duel”
The 6th episode is titled “Tores III”

My game is a post-DS9 setting where the USS Swift is a crisis and emergency response ship along a trade route the ends at DS9.

We are in the summer of 2370 between seasons 2 and 3 of deep space 9. The crew of the Runabout Chesapeake is in the gamma quadrant looking for colony locations and has not heard about the destruction of the Odyssey or of New Bajor yet.

I have some very nice problems for them to face…

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