Suggestions for Running a 23rd Century Campaign

I am researching a 23rd century campaign. As an old trekkie, it has a special place in my heart. Has anyone run a 23rd century campaign, and do they have any advice for me?

What era is that specifically? ENT or TOS

What issues are you facing? It seems to be working just fine for me in a couple of different games.

23rd is TOS.
2250’s is Cage and Discovery
late 2260’s is TOS & TAS
2274 is V’Ger

Year & major event.
2251 Battle of Axanar
2255 Federation-Sheliak Conflict
2256⋯2257 First Klingon War (Discovery)
2267 Second Klingon War (TOS)
2267 Cestus III incident
2270 Orions attack USS Huron
2270 Kirk promoted to Admiral and Chief of Starfleet Operations
2274 V’ger Incident
2286 ST IV: TVH
2287 ST V: TFF
2293 ST VI: TUC, ST VII: G (TOS portions)

I am looking at the TOS era for play.

Not so much “issues” as I am looking for moral support. Our group is heavily invested in the TNG era, and I want to do something different, and mayhaps a bit fresh. I have been going through material I have and have come up with some potentially interesting adventures, but I have not written anything like this for this game.

I guess more than anything I am wondering if anyone did anything that worked really well, or badly failed. Whatever advise you can give would be helpful, and thank you in advance!

Does anyone have any idea where the L-347 system is? It is the system destroyed by the Planet Killer when the USS CONSTELLATION encountered her. I cannot find a reference giving me a general area. Any ideas?

It’s actually the L-374 system. Near the L-370 system and Rigel; not much canon on it. Here’s a discussion on a Trek bbs with some old map references.

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Hey thanks! I want to include something about this as a reference for the players who know Trek, really appreciate it!

I have gone through the listing of Admirals for the period, and am collecting info to create a command structure based on that. Since the ENTERPRISE “got around” it’s pretty hard to nail down canon. I have a devious temptation to do something with Harry Mudd or Garth of Izar.

Figure one numbered or named fleet per region…

1 for the home region defense, and training.
1 for exploration, maybe 2.
1-2 for the Klingon border
1 for the Romulan border
1 for the Tzenkethi border
1 for the sheliak border, etc…

They don’t need to be the same size; they should be roughly sized on a linear 5 point scale, small ones like the sheliak or tholian being size 1, the klingon border having a size 5, or perhaps 2 size 3 or size 4 fleets.

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