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STA Mission Briefs PDF Pack 001 ENT era now available for freesies

On Star Trek Adventures: BRIEFS 001 - Growing Pains


And blog post about it..

Enjoy and LLAP!


Even if it’s not actually my time of play they look nicely done. I will surely use some era change suggestions.
Well done.

Congratulations and well done on such a professional job, anything else in the pipeline?

Yep; lots of stuff. Shackleton Expanse Campaign Guide, tricorder box set, Discovery and Picard products, more standalone adventures and mission briefs packs, and more.


That tricorder set can’t get here fast enough…

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Great job! Big fan of the later parts of ENT, so always nice to see more material for that era.

Fantastic work everyone many thanks.

With the old living campaign being folded into this (at least that was my understanding) will there be any changes to the LC missions, or are they going the word-for-word the same?

They all underwent some revision to better fit together with the new content.

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Signals, in the starter version lack the fate of the runabout. Some things were good in in campaign. Don’t forget them. Good work anyway.

I can’t wait to see the Star Trek Discovery products you have in the pipeline.

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