Deck Tiles for Romulans or Borg?

For those of us with more maps & minis oriented groups, the Starfleet and Klingon deck tiles have been very helpful. Even if not a match for the ship in use (a Nova-class has a very different bridge than a Galaxy-class), they work well enough and enhance the game experience.

Many gaming sources have provided maps and tiles we can use for various planetary sites and starbases.

What I’m wondering is if any fans or Modiphius themselves plan to release similar deck tiles for the Romulans and the Borg?


Both Borg and Romulan map tiles could be very useful .

That said, I feel that there is plenty of room to grow the current lines as well.

Yeah I would love a larger selection of bridges aside from just the Galaxy class.

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I’ve bashed together a very through and ready Runabout layout. They’re bigger than you realise lol most of 3x a4 sheets for the right scale

I would very much like other deck tiles, too, as I am starting to explore the miniature/Red Alert rules

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A quick snapsot from the rear of the books show show that Romulan and Borg are definitely expected



I’ve never noticed that…! :laughing:

Nice! I hadn’t paid attention to that either! Lost Colonies and Ancient Ruins sounds intriguing as well.