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Official Product Wishlist Part II

With the old list becoming somewhat…unwieldy, and the new survey out there discussing upcoming products for the line, it seems appropriate to start a new wishlist thread.


I’ll note that the survey lists a few of the items on the developmental wishlist but by no means all of them. So any ideas are good. Fire away and let us know what you want to see for the game.

For a character I would like to see, the Robin Curtis Saavik (the other one just did not bring any real personaality to her character in my opinion, and RC is the xersion in my mind and on the cover anytime ahe has appeared in aa novel or comic, -e.g. The Pandora Principle), with the Wrath of Khan–Voyage Home original crew.

Otherwise, I would like to see more “generic” Starfleet crews, preferrably with multiple extra headsto customize one’s actual game characters, as they see them. All roleplaying games are best with miniatures. And it is an old, RPG tradition, the hunt for that perfect mini to represent their character. Or the Big Bad.

And speaking of miniatures: WizKids’ ships are not up to standard, especially where the Federation is concerned. We need accessable ships sculpted to modern detail and accuracy. Something for today like FASA was for the Eighties.

All source books I’d want are in the survey (extra support for a Romulan one) and some Dominion minis and DS9 crew would also be incredible.

Thank you.

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The survey vaguely referenced more tile sets. More specifically, I’d think maybe a combined tile set of Romulan/Borg (one side of each tile to each faction, and it’s not like we have a huge variety of environments from Warbirds or Borg ships to go off of, so giving them each basically half what the Feds and Klingons got would work.)

I’d also love a DS9 set, which would provide corridors, cargo holds and such for Cardassian ships, so simply adding a Cardassian bridge would make that another set which could be dual purpose. Ops and some parts of the Promenade would be the only DS9 exclusive bits. Even Bashir’s infirmary still had primarily the Cardassian layout and structural features.

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A Romulan and a Cardassian Book like the Klingon book.


Starship/Starbase construction manual:
Extra Starship Talents: Ablative armor generator (Voyager 7.25 & 7.26 Endgame Part I & II), Cloak Chang’s Bird of Prey (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country), Coaxial warp drive (Voyager 4.20 “Vis a Vis”), Interphase cloak (TNG 7.12 “The Pegasus”), Metaphasic Shield (TNG 6.22 “Suspicions”), Unimatrix shielding (Voyager 5.3 “Extreme Risk”), Multi-Vector Assault Mode (Voyager 4.14 Message in a Bottle), Neural interface (Voyager 6.5 “Alice”), Quantum Slipstream Drive (Voyager 4.26 “Hope and Fear” & 5.6 “Timeless”), Temporal Drive (Voyager 3.8 & 3.9 “Future’s End, Part I & II”), Transwarp Drive (various Borg, Voth,…).
Extra Starship Weapons: Cardassian ATR-4107 Plasma Wave (Voyager 2.17 “Dreadnought”), Isokinetic Cannon (Voyager 4.17 “Retrospect”), Transphasic Torpedoes (Voyager 7.25 & 7.26 Endgame Part I & II), Subatomic disruptor (Voyager 3.8 & 3.9 “Future’s End, Part I & II”)

Species Handbook:
All species already published
Extra Species
Extra Species talents for species that are already covered

Psionic handBook:
Psionic species
Psionic Talents

Time travel & Temporal handbook:
Temporal investigations campaigns
Time travel in an adventures

Racial books:
PDF’s or books (some are smaller books for lesser species) centered around 1 specific species (Examples: Species 8472, Vaadwaur, Voth, Borg, Carassians, Reman, Romulans, Breen, Angosians, Vulcans, Andorians, Betazoids,…)
Their history
Includes Starships
Extra Species Talents: (Example Angosian Bioengineered soldiers)
Specific Equipment

Advanced Players/Gamemasters Guide:
Extra talents
Extra Rules: Grid based combat, Reaction personal combat and starship combat (Example: Conan Defend, Protect, Retaliate), Exploit action (Conan, Infinity), Reach and guard (Conan), Harm (Wound & Trauma: Conan), Fatigue (Conan), Hit Locations (Conan), Starship Combat Fire Arcs (see my post What next for the Star Trek Adventure RPG), Melee & ranged attacks (Conan: No opposed rolls for melee, ranged includes range penalties), Weapons statistics (Conan, Infinity: Qualities, Range, Reach, Size, encumbrance)
Extra uses for momentum
Talents with Rank levels (Example: Conan)

VTT options:
Animated maps (Example:
Animated objects (See example

Paper miniature to use with plastic figure stands (Example:
Miniature maker (work together with Star Trek online: Character and NPC figure generator, different positions and clothing, export to png) (See example


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What should be the difference to the Ablative Armor talent on p. 255 of the Core Rulebook? Since the generator is derived from Borg technology and the Borg do make extensive use of said talent, I’d say the generators and their (impressive visual) effect represent a Refit but not a distinct talent.

Also already covered, I’ve compiled the relevant references, rules and some personal recommendations in another thread, yesterday.

See p. 86 of the Gamma Quadrant Supplement.

See p. 82 f. of the Delta Quadrant Supplement.

I like the idea of having expanded PDF (I doubt full books are really an option) on races that are not already covered in the existing supplements. On the other hand, those could well blend into era-specific sourcebooks. :slight_smile:

I’d love to see a full treatment for the Romulans. But I’d rather see the Cardassians as part of a Dominion War supplement.

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I’d definitely like to see something more expansive for Starships. None of the people I play with (including myself) liked the phoning it in that is ships as characters. Something with a little more substance would be amazing.

We have access to more than enough Federation deckplans so players have something to use in framing their narrative. But non-Federation is real scarce and Starbases, outposts and enclosed colonies are real scarce. Even the material in the current books/PDFs leave 99.9999999% up to the GM to make up on the fly. Some kind of general plans are really needed.

I’m guessing the license doesn’t allow for it, but I’d love to see a sourcebook for the Rihannsu novels (maybe throw the John Ford novels and also Peter Morwood’s book in too) with write ups for some of the new species they introduced, the notable ships and NPCs, plot hooks etc.

Well, a lot of that is already covered in the Gamma Quadrant supplement, so… :wink:

I’m not sure whether I get the first sentence right (sorry, non-native english), but actually, the idea of expanding “ship as character” really nails it. That is something, that’s missing. I’d really love to see some inspiration on how to focus adventures around the ship, what could be interesting traits, whether ships could develop some kind of foci or even values…

Great input! :smiley:

More adventures that don’t involve the ship breaking down.

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This would almost certainly be a PDF rather than a book, but a campaign framework for different kinds of campaigns would be really useful.

Basically everything to help a GM come up with a full-scale campaign to emulate a TOS Five Year Mission or a Voyager style lost on the other side of the galaxy game.

So you’d have guidance on the types of ship best suited (with advice on tweaking for different eras), examples of possible themes and tones, plot hooks, and random tables for generating new planets or organizations to encounter. Include some sample NPCs, and any relevant special rules (long term damage or field refits using alien technology for a Voyager game etc). Maybe also form-fillable sheets in the PDF that the GM can use to workshop the campaign (like the Game Creation sheets in the FATE Core Book, etc). Or even maybe a “mad libs” style booklet to help define the campaign area (the new Spectaculars superhero RPG has an absolutely fantastic example of this kind of thing).

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Something akin to a “Tunnels and Trolls” “solo adventure” might be nice, at least then I would get to play the game hehe.


I would love to see a Kelvin Timeline supplement. No need for a core book, since the species and the gameplay is the same, but something with space frames and lore.

I don’t know what the licensing for this would be like, but it would be amazing to have Star Trek added to HeroForge. Or if it’s problematic for CBS, maybe a Star Trek standalone version of HeroForge. That’s sort of the dream when it comes to custom minis, IMO.

Edit: Actually, I wonder if it wouldn’t be too hard for Star Trek Online to make characters printable as well. They have an existing relationship with a 3d company who knows their ship assets, so maybe that existing relationship can be used for minis.

HeroForge is, unfortunately, off-limits. We will see what alternatives Modiphius might come up with. I think custom minis is something almost everyone would love to see. :smiley:

That is precisely what I was going to add!

I don’t know why Hero Forge would be off limits but, is there anybody at Modiphius savvy enough to make one of your own? That way we an have the Caitian and Edoan or any other race figures that we want, in numerous poses aaaaannnddd we could download the STL files and print them ourselves!

Now add to that ALL the other games you have and we could print our own John Carter or Conan, etc. figures as well!

Licensing issues. Search the old wishlist thread for more info, it came up there and some Modiphius folks answered with bad news. :slightly_frowning_face:

Well, there actually is some 3d-printing-service (or modeling service?) they cooperate with. I think it might be mentioned in the old wishlist thread, too.

My only cocern with HeroForge is the shear size of their weapons. They are always three or more times larger than looks good. My usual solution is to trade out parts with one of the pre-primed, D&D/ Pathfinder minis. Nolzur’s, or Deep Cuts, if I remember right.

Well, we really don’t need Hero Forge itself, but something like it that Modiphius could build and use for all of their licenses.