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Great thoughts on additional Roll20 support. I think there is a lot of demand for Roll20 support for STA (as well as all the 2d20 games)

Re: Roll 20
Tokens for NPCs and Ships with all the stats filled out would save me a significant amount of prep time

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  1. It is hard to prepare decent Romulan sourcebook without content from “Picard” and Modi can’t do it…
  2. There is a lot more alpha-canon about Klingons than Romulans.

I quite like the way that the unpublished Stargate game was going to be written up as a training manual for recruits. I’d like to see a players book that was themed as an academy simulation guide (“that was required reading at the academy” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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Khan was a villain?


I’m not sure if this is a wishlist item or not, but my favourite supplement in the FASA days was ‘Trader Captains and Merchant Princes’. It was a real game changer (pun not attended) particularly that long ago (1983!) and was heaps of fun. I’d like to see some rules to simulate the ups and downs of the merchant life without having to keep accounting spreadsheets - although some people like that.

I also liked The Triangle campaign set on the frontier of federation, klingon and roman space. Not sure if the map even works, but it was a great political cold war setting that had you doing different sorts of things. I guess it was a forerunner to DS9 in some ways. So something on politics could also be fun.

I’d think it would be easy to do a Romulan supplement without stuff from Picard. While they didn’t have as much screen time as Klingons, there is plenty of information for a supplement. There may not be enough to justify a book like the Klingons, but plenty for one that combines them with other information. Since the Romulans are portrayed as far more involved in espionage, a combined Romulan/Cardassion/Starfleet Intelligence book is very doable and would open up another subject area for the STA universe.


At least that’s what the designers thought when they packed him up with Q, Locutus of Borg, the Gorn Captain and many more into the ‘Iconic Villains’ Minis pack. :slight_smile:

Iconic Villains will, according to the Modiphius newsletter, release the week after next week / second week in August; while we can start the hype train for the write-up of the Enterprise Crew for next week.

That’s all of the crews within Modiphius’s license, I think (well, technically, they could try to fiddle in some of the characters of the upcoming Strange New Worlds as of their appearance in TOS, but…).

Since the ENT crew pack now waited for publishing almost full two years (c.f. OP), I wonder how many products are still within the publishing process… :wink:

“I grow fatigued…”

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This is quite likely already in the pipeline, but just in case it isn’t, I really do hope to see at least a few single mission releases that are Klingon-oriented…


Already in the pipeline. Gotta support the new Klingon players!


Now that the ENT crew has dropped, I’d really love to see more support for that era of play.

Official stats for the Warp Delta and Intrepid class. Stats for the Suliban Cabal and Xindi fleets. Maybe some further information on the role of the MACO? More Vulcan/Andorian/Tellerite ships and organisational structures would be good too. You could probably throw in some information on the temporal cold war, along with some more detailed write ups on the differences in tech. Seems like there would be a good amount of content?

I know a lot of this is available online as homebrew, but it would be really good to have some official content on it.

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@mattcapiche I’d too love to see everything you mentioned. And, actually, all that content would make up a pretty decent ‘ENT Era Supplement’. :slight_smile:

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Another prediction: We will get Klingon themed Challenge Dice. After all, they introduced a new symbol for challenge dice. :smiley:

I posted these in it’s own thread, but it looks like this would be a better spot for it.

I just got an email from MyMiniFactory about 3D Print terrain models for the Fallout RPG. Any idea if this will be done for the STA line?


Could you please format the starter set tokens PDFs so we could print them on something like Avery’s Presta® 94500 labels? The labels are the right size and count, but not as closely spaced as the token PDF.

This last one would make it easier for players to be able to print and use plastic chips for the tokens.


Lots of folks wished for the Starter Box to return. According to this survey (that y’all should take NOW!! :wink: ) it is coming back for christmas.

Wheeh! :smiley:


There are quite a few other things on the wishlist here that are referenced in questions in the survey.

Doesn’t mean they’ll happen, but they are being considered!

It’s way past time we retired this. Go ahead and post further ideas in this new thread.

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Closing as requested.