What next for the Star Trek Adventure RPG

Now that all planned books are finished what is next for the Star Trek Adventure RPG?
And what would you do if you called the shots?

My wish list would look like this:
-Books detailing the various eras, including the new ones (Discovery and Picard).
-Books on playing campaigns about other factions and character types (Klingon Empire, Romulan Empire, civilians)
-A “big book on starships” with lots of spaceframes (not just for Starfleet), new talents, weapons, mission profiles and so on.
-An adventure book on time travel.

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I would second the one on other factions.
I’m not sure it needs a full book for each faction though. One that consolidates the majors (Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, maybe Ferengi) and then has a brief bit, a couple of pages at most, on some of the smaller ones would be fine for me.


Since I started this topic I will start by sharing my thoughts and hopes.
The books that have come out so far are great, but due to page restrictions didn’t include every items/species/ships. I would like to see an alien species (including stats for playing them) book, star ship book, time travel book ( Department of Temporal Investigations), Raiders Renegades & Rogues book (plying as a non federation/starfleet character), Psionics book, Secret societies (Intelligence departments, Section 31, Zhat Vash, Qowat Milat,…), Faction books (around 1 specific faction. Example: Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Borg, Cardassian, Dominion), equipment book and cards, NPC book and cards. The problem is that it takes a lot of time on creating and publishing them. In addition I think they are obligated to send the material to CBS for prove reading, and takes a lot of time. So instead I would also concentrate my efforts on smaller products (max 10 pg) around one specific item. Using polls to find out which supplement that we would like to see:
Species of the Galaxy: Each supplement concentrates on 1 specific alien species (mostly smaller species). The file would include a list of talents, specific items (weapons), and ships. This can even be done if the species covered in another book. They can then update the talents where there are a lot of questions about, and even expand on the species talents. Example of alien species: Angosion (can include the bio-engineered soldier), Suliban, Flaxian (can include information about their assassins culture), Ba’ul, Kelpian (including the possible change they can go through), El-Aurian, Kzinti, …
Starships of the Galaxy: Centered around 1 specific star ship. Including deck plans (like the drawings we found in Star Trek Fact files), new talents. Examples: Prometheus class (including Roles/talents for operating the multi vector assault mode), Intrepid Class (End game upgrades), Star Trek Typhon class (including, stats, roles, talents for the Valkyrie class attack fighter).
Virtual tabletop content: There are a lot of games that use VTT in their campaigns. TV and beamers have become cheaper, so a lot of RPG GM’s use VTT in their games. It would be cool that Modiphius would also invest in this trend. I was thinking about png files for tokens, furniture, equipment, and starships. If they work together with Star Trek Online it would be great.
Character and Bridge crew pictures: Having a picture of your character is great. Also having a picture of you entire bridge crew is awesome. Working together with Star Trek Online they can create such a thing in the online game.
3D printing: 3D printer/ing becomes more affordable. It would be great to see that development for Star Trek Adventures. I was thinking about aliens, star ships, and scenery.
Grid combat: The red Alert rules where great but adapting the game for grid combat would be awesome. For ground combat including rules for turning, weapon, individual movement statistics, and weapon ranges. For star ship combat I would create something like FASA Star Trek tactical combat simulator or adapt Star Trek Attack Wing for this game. Including weapon arcs and ranges, planet tokes.

While I’m OK with seeing more on Klingons, Romulans, Ferengi, and (my personal favorite) Cardassians, what I’d really like is something that put a little more meat on the minor powers. A bit more on Breen, Gorn, Tholians, and the Tzenkethi would be nice. I’m not even sure what a STA version of the Tzenkethi is supposed to look like or much of anything about them even after reading the Alpha Quadrant book.

I’m not terribly interested in the timeline too much outside the TNG era (2364-2379), but I might be up for something that covers perhaps as far forward as another 5 years (so 2384 or so).

While this is not Shadowrun, I would like some additional gear along with some guidelines on what the gear’s particular Trait should benefit. Nothing super crunchy, but a few more nuts in the jar would make for a better spread.

Be aware of the fact that some of that is expressly excluded from the licence: specifically the starship combat game (Attack Wing has that licence), Discovery and Picard. I think there may be something against a full ground combat game as well, and the RPG itself is more story/cinematic oriented, hence the zone-based movement and squad-level combat. I will note that a lot of people would prefer to have the option for grids or hexes though - maybe there’s room for a basic conversion supplement from one of Modiphius’s already existing miniature games?

Starship plans/deckplans have been discussed elsewhere and I know there’s a worry of a lot of work for very few sales.

Absolutely agree on the idea of the era books: and there are only three canon eras to worry about, plus possibly STO given that there seems to be a business relationship in place. Like @CountThalim points out, individual faction books are unlikely, as there is probably not enough material to support that for anything other than the Klingons (although Picard is giving the Romulans a lot more source material). A couple of full-size books covering specific sets in a similar depth to the Dominion in Gamma Quadrant would be good - may be a Klingon/Gorn/Orion book, Cardassian/Bajoran/Ferengi, Romulan/Borg/Breen.

Maybe a book of newly-invented species? I used to love the old Kinshaya and Taurhai concepts from the older games.

I really like the idea of smaller PDF supplements for species and the like. This seems to work quite well for some companies, but the margin might be too small to make them worthwhile - having said that, the PDF adventures seem to be doing quite well…


I’d love to see something like the individual Doctor books for the Doctor Who rpg. Each book covers one Doctor, gives a brief overview of the era and the themes the show covered, and stats up the Doctor and companions.

Then there’s the meat of the book - a synopsis of each story, stats for important supporting characters and villains along with advice on how to use and play them as NPCs, advice on how to run that story as an adventure, and finally several short plot hooks and ideas to follow up on the story or put a different twist on it.

A book like that covering a single season of TOS, TNG, DS9 or Voyager would be amazing.

I would love to have a more official system for Homebrewing Starships and Aliens. I would also like to have customizable 3D printed miniatures to better fit one’s campaign.

Great list of stuff. Remember there’s a wishlist thread already ongoing here that includes some of these great ideas.

Keep 'em coming and stay tuned. Gotta get through the global crisis first. (If only we had medical replicators!)


We do. Human bodies can replicate viruses very quickly. Oh, you meant on the other side…


One of the things that is vital is good communication on the products status and upcoming products. Modiphius RPG’s are one of the best on the market but the communication on that front can be better. For example when I first bought the Star Trek Adventures PDF collection, the dates each individual book would be ready was incorrect. It did not only took much monger to finish, but each book came out without a warning. It is no shame in telling the certain product take longer than anticipated if you tell the reason behind. It is always nice to know when to expect a product, so you can live towards that moment. Also the first wave of books is finished, but we have no idea what is coming next. I think the company has already made the decisions which products are next a long time ago, but we gamers have no idea.
This is not meant as an offense but as a question to increase the official communications.

All the books were announced and had press releases at one point or another. To say they came out ‘without warning’ is a bit of a stretch. If you’re not getting the email newsletter, I encourage everyone to sign up for the Modiphius mailing list, available at the bottom of this page:

I’ll post news on the forum as well, once it’s available to be shared. Stay safe and healthy, and wash your hands!

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Probably thinking a GM’s manual with lots and lots of different flora and fauna to throw at players that wasn’t on the show. A chapter full of lots of already stated out NPCs would be handy. I love hooks and can always use more of them.

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I need one additional small book like the Division Books, that would fit into my Borg Cube.


You seem to be missing the second adventure compilation, Strange New Worlds

Nope, that hides behind the Decktiles.

The only product I am missing is the TOS Crew Landing Party.

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Ah, very nice. Couldn’t tell from the angle of the picture.

@LucasCunningham Rotating the Cube by 90 degree prevents damaging the lower (left) cardboard-pice that divides the Core Rulebook from the supplements. You’re genius!!
runs off to arrange books as presented

Well thanks, keep that attitude.
But I only replicated that, I think I have seen is first on a photo from Jim.

I learned early on that the books only fit one way in the cube, and they’re too much weight for that divider between the collector’s edition and the main pocket of space in the cube. And, it was a pain in the butt to get to the books on a regular basis–since it’s easier to pull books out when their spines are vertical rather than horizontal.

So laying the cube on the shelf sideways solved both problems. I rarely use the drawers, so it was no big deal to turn the cube on its side. :slight_smile: Glad it was useful to others!